This Medieval Knight Will Hold Your Toilet Paper While You’re Taking Care Of ‘Business’ On The Throne

For most people, the bathroom is just a boring space for taking a bath, peeing and pooping. But for others, it’s a sacred spot where most of life’s major decisions happen. Well, if you agree with the latter, then you probably consider your toilet as your thinking chair or even your throne. Now, you can completely establish your bathroom as your kingdom with this medieval knight toilet paper holder!

This knight in shining armor will be at your service as you perform your dooty as the rightful heir to the throne. It’s hand-cast using real crushed stones and bonded with quality designer resin. This gives it not just a durable build but an incredibly realistic look as well. On top of that, it features hand-painted details and a pewter finish to complete its gothic look.

medieval knight bathroom toilet paper holder


medieval knight toilet paper holder


This medieval knight toilet paper holder will be at your service as you perform your dooty as the rightful heir to the throne

medieval knight bathroom tissue paper holder


medieval knight tissue paper holder

It weighs 5 lbs. and measures 9″ wide, 7″ deep and 13″ tall. It includes a spring-loaded roller that can hold one regular-size toilet paper roll. In addition, it comes with a keyhole slot at the back, so it’s ready to hang on your wall. Indeed, this medieval fighter-inspired toilet paper dispenser makes a unique decorative piece for your bathroom that’s equally functional. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Perfect gift for a medieval knights aficionado. It’s actually good quality and it’s a pretty nice size. It’s a little heavy so have a strong nail to keep it up on the wall. Overall, very happy with this purchase.”

medieval knight toilet paper holder keyhole slot


gothic knight toilet paper holder


gothic knight tissue paper holder

Apparently, the company also offers other gothic toilet roll holder designs which come in the form of a dragon and a gargoyle. So, if you want to keep a consistent medieval theme in all your bathrooms, then you may opt to get one of each design. And while you’re at it, you might want to check out these fierce dragon faucets as well!

dragon tissue dispenser


gothic dragon tissue dispenser


gothic dragon functional bathroom wall decor


gothic dragon tissue holder


gargoyle functional bathroom wall decor

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