A Fox In Berlin Was Caught Stealing A Shoe And It Turns Out It’s Not The First Time

Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown and DJ Khaled—they’re indeed some of the biggest names in the music industry. But aside from their love for music, they have one more thing in common: their massive shoe collections. Well, apparently, a fox from Berlin shares the same passion with these pop stars when it comes to collecting footwear.

Tagesspiegel, a German daily newspaper, recently reported that there’s a shoe thief on the loose in Zehlendorf, Berlin. Residents had been complaining about their footwear being stolen from their yards for quite some time now. Luckily, a resident named Christian Meyer was finally able to shed some light on these baffling missing shoe cases.


Felix Hackenbruch, the editor of Tagesspiegel, took to Twitter to expose the culprit, thanks to the evidence submitted by the concerned resident


“Fox, you have stolen that shoe. In #Zehlendorf, more than 100 shoes were stolen by a fox. The whole story tomorrow @TspCheckpoint” read the post


Meyer successfully caught the culprit red-handed in broad daylight, carrying the latest addition to his haul—a pair of blue flip flops. However, much to his surprise, the culprit didn’t seem like an average neighborhood burglar. Rather, it was a sneaky and furry little creature! As it turns out, the mysterious shoe thief was a fox all along!

fox stealing a blue shoe in berlin


Apparently, the sneaky fox from Berlin has an inexplicable interest in flips flops and slide sandals

shoes stolen by a fox in berlin

The tweet instantly went viral, with more residents sharing their similar experiences. One user wrote, “He’s been up to mischief for at least 1 month…” The user also included a photo of a flyer asking help from fellow neighbors.


“Who has seen the left sneaker? The day before yesterday, a fox had stolen my left sneaker at night! A few other sneakers were lying on the streets, but my left sneaker is still missing. Please contact me on my cellphone number if you find the shoe. Thank you!”


Meanwhile, another user suggested that there might be another shoe thief lurking in their area


“Taken in mid-May. Also in Zehlendorf, but it looks like another fox. Couldn’t find the Adilette in your photo either.”


Zehlendorf’s shoe thief story was simply baffling and amusing that even international media outlets have picked it up. And as it turns out, people from other parts of the world have experienced the same thing too!






Many users found the story amusing and hilarious at the same time





Meanwhile, other users also expressed their concerns towards the fox’s well-being