Mountain Dew Created A Body Wash That Smells Just Like The Soda

Want to smell like Mountain Dew? Then it’s a good thing that the Mountain Dew Body Wash exists. Now, we don’t need to daydream about filling our bath tubs with the citrusy soda anymore just to smell like it. We can just grab a bottle of this, lather up and voila – dream come true.

The idea of a liquid soap that smells like Mountain Dew actually started two years ago when a Reddit user posted a digitally-rendered photo of a Mountain Dew shower gel. Sitting beside the green bottle was a tub of Doritos Nacho Cheese Face Wash. While the product concept was entirely intended as a practical joke, some people actually wished them to be a real thing. Well, not really the Nacho Cheese Face Wash but the body wash got a thumbs up.


MTN Dew Body Wash Blast Intense Citrus


Here’s the good news. The soft drink brand caught wind of the soda-scented body wash. And guess what? They decided to make it happen due to the overwhelming demand from their fans across social media. The limited edition body wash features an intense citrus scent that smells exactly like the soda. It comes as a clear liquid soap in an 8oz bottle.


Before we raise your hopes, let us inform you that acquiring a bottle of Mountain Dew shower gel is next to impossible. Unfortunately, the company only made 250 bottles and were sent as gifts to friends of the brand. To put it simply, the body wash isn’t available for purchase so there’s no way we could buy it. Such a bummer, right?


We can only hope and pray that the company will offer this treasure to the public. Maybe the first 250 bottles of Mountain Dew Body Wash were initially launched for the testing phase? There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic but let’s keep our fingers crossed for that. For now, how about making your room smell like MTN Dew? There’s a scented candle that gives off a MTN DEW scent when lit. And you can actually buy it.