Pictures of Real Things Which Existence Are Hard to Believe

People often go with the old axiom ‘seeing is believing’. But if you really think about it, what you see is entirely dependent upon what you believe. For one thing, the world is full of amazing things than we can ever imagine. There are rare wonders that we need to witness with our own eyes in order to believe they are real. Thanks to the advent of internet, we now have a bottomless reservoir of awesome pictures of incredible things beyond our imagination. We have collected pictures of real things that actually exist whether you believe it or not.



The Lion’s Mane jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world with a bell diameter of 2.3-m and tentacles 37-m long.


Griffisimo / Reddit

A spider’s eye under a microscope.

A moss-covered turtle shell.

Honduran white bats are not your typical bats. Aside from their color, Honduran white bats do not live in caves but prefer living in wet, evergreen forests.


Tucko29 / Reddit

Just when you thought the Great Wall of China is endless, this picture reveals what the end of the wall looks like.

That’s a shark egg when viewed towards the light under the water.

You’re not seeing ocean waves nor white hills in this picture. This is what thick fogs look like from a higher ground.

real things that are hard to believe

spicedpumpkins / Reddit

Believe it or not, these real things are so incredibly amazing that it’s hard to believe they exist.


This is a picture of a storm taken more than 35,000-ft above sea level.

Witnessing an eclipse from a plane is one rare opportunity.

The moment a rocket takes its launch was captured on camera.


melburymestar / Reddit

Tiny flames? Look closer. They are tiny mushrooms sprouting from a tree stump.

The Cocora valley in Central Colombia is the home to the world’s tallest palm tree standing at a staggering 60-m height.

Lightning hits a volcano during its eruption.


Terje Sørgjerd / Commons Wikimedia

This magnificent iceberg in Greenland is one of nature’s amazing works of art.

A red-colored rainbow paints the sky with a crimson hue.

We all know that whales are enormous creatures but wait till you see their hearts. A whale heart can weigh up to 440-lbs and is the same size as a compact car.

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