Beer Mug Socks/Leg Warmers Exist And They Even Have Handles

When a Reddit user posted a photo of what it seems like a pair of beer mug socks, it instantly became a hot item. All of a sudden, people were asking where to find the whimsical-looking socks. And what’s not to love about these beer mug socks? They look voguish, comfy, and are a great way to express your love for beer. Plus, it is complete with a handle to make it look like the real thing. We’re actually not new to seeing quirky-looking socks because we’ve seen a lot of them before. There are the shark bite socks and the chicken leg socks to name some few. But if you love booze more than anything else, these beer mug socks are the ultimate match for your feet.

Meanwhile in Czech Republic from r/pics

Now the question still remains. Where can we buy these beer mug socks? Let us assure you one thing – you don’t need to go to Czech Republic to find one of these. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to get up from your seats just to get these socks. We’ve found similar items on some listings on Etsy. And we’re going to present them to you one by one to help you find the right socks for you.

The first listing offers knitted socks in the shape of beer mugs, just like the one from the Reddit post. However, this one is shorter and has a fluffier beer head. These particular socks are hand-knitted from mixed wool and acrylic yarn. Plus, this unisex comes in a one-size-fits-all style.


The second listing also features knitted beer mug socks that are made from wool yarn. Just like the first listing, this one also has a fluffy beer head. But the handle is much thinner compared to the previous item. You can choose your sock size ranging from XS to XXL.


This third listing is more like a pair of leg warmers than socks. This knitted leg warmer is made from wool, acril, and viscose. It comes in a one-size-fits-all style and is suitable for adult men and women.


If you prefer a more playful, somewhat cartoonish, design for your beer mug socks then this one is for you. This pair of crocheted socks is made from very thick wool to keep your feet warm during winter nights. Compared to the previous items, this one features a thick, rounded handles that look like loops. It is available in a wide range of size options.


Are you a crochet enthusiast? If so, you may want to knit your own beer mug socks. All you need is the crochet pattern to help you create these socks. Well, look no further. This Etsy seller offers the digital pattern for this crochet beer socks. After the confirmation of your payment, the PDF file will be available for you to download. The digital pattern has a skill level of ‘easy’ so even novice crocheters can easily make them.


You can never go wrong whichever listing you choose. These novelty socks will surely make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and yes, even for Oktoberfest. Additionally, these beer mug socks can be a fanciful fashion piece to complement your Halloween costume.