Reebok And Pixar Have Teamed-Up To Create Mismatched Toy Story Sneakers Inspired By Woody And Buzz

If you’re an avid Toy Story fan, then you couldn’t possibly think of a more iconic duo than Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Well, as it turns out, BAIT, Pixar and Reebok are on the same page as you. These three brands have collaborated with each other to produce sneakers inspired by these two best buds. And what’s even more interesting is that they’re making them in a mismatching colorway!

Officially marketed as Instapump Fury OG Woody and Buzz, the sneakers feature an unmatched design. As you might have already guessed, one shoe represents Woody and the other shoe represents Buzz.


Streetwear store BAIT has teamed up with Pixar and Reebok to create limited-edition Toy Story sneakers in a mismatching colorway inspired by Woody and Buzz

The right shoe, which goes to Woody, has a design based on his cowboy outfit. The upper section features a combination of yellow and blue colors, complete with cow prints and sheriff’s badge details. It also comes with pull tabs reminiscent of Woody’s scarf and a plaid inner lining reminiscent of his shirt.

On the other hand, the left shoe, which represents Buzz Lightyear, takes after his Space Ranger uniform. As such, it features a combination of white, purple and neon green colors, complete with laser button details. In addition, it comes with neon green pull tabs and a purple inner lining. Just like his suit, the shoe also bears a yellow “Lightyear” name tag.

Unlike typical sneakers that come in cardboard boxes, these pairs come in a special toy plastic packaging. From the design down to the packaging, these sneakers are undoubtedly a product of a well-thought-of concept. The only downside is these sneakers are releasing in limited quantities only. BAIT recently held a two-day online raffle from June 10th to 11th for interested buyers. Winners will be notified on June 12th.

The sneakers retail for $200 each and come in a full-size run for men (US 3–13). They’re literally a one-of-a-kind pair that’s easily every Toy Story fan’s grail. Since these are super limited pairs, we can only hope that the resale prices wouldn’t be ridiculously high. But since this year also marks the animated film’s 25th anniversary, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to hope for a restock. We’ve got our fingers crossed.

Source: BAIT