This Dryer Door Shoe Net lets You Dry Your Shoes Without Them Knocking About

Anyone who has ever owned a pair of white sneakers surely knows the struggles of keeping them in pristine condition. Although hand washing is the most ideal way to clean them, it’s certainly not the most practical one. So, it’s a good thing that you can now get a dryer door shoe net that securely holds your kicks as you wash and dry them.

Made of 57% polypropylene mesh webbing and 43% polyester cloth, this laundry bag allows you to conveniently clean your sneakers using your washing machine. What’s more, it keeps your shoes safe from the harsh spin cycles of your washer.

washer and dryer door shoe net


polyester dryer door shoe net

At the same time, this helps prevent loud banging noises produced by your sneakers tumbling inside the machine. More importantly, it effectively protects your clothes from dirty treads if you’re washing them simultaneously. You can also use this bag to enclose your shoes as you dry them in your dryer.

dryer door shoe net


polyester wash and dry bag for sneakers


This nifty washer and dryer door shoe net features velcro straps, so you can fasten it to your front-load laundry machine’s door

Unlike typical laundry bags which feature a drawstring enclosure, this mesh net comes with a hook and loop enclosure. So, you can be sure that your footwear stays inside the bag for the entire wash cycle. It also comes with hook and loop straps that you can fasten around the door of your front-load washing machine, dryer or washer-dryer combo. The straps measure 40 inches long while the hook and loop ends measure three inches long.

wash and dry bag for sneakers


dryer door shoe net for laundry machines

Overall, this laundry net measures 15 inches long and 16 inches wide. Aside from your favorite sneakers, you can also use it to enclose other delicate and intimate apparel for washing. It’s definitely a handy accessory for anyone who loves keeping their white sneakers squeaky clean all the time.

polyester wash and dry bag for sneakers dimensions

One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I hate putting shoes in the dryer loose because it’s loud. We also had a shoe get ruined in the dryer when it got stuck. This was the perfect solution.”

Source: Amazon