Nike And 7-Eleven Have Team Up To Create A New Pair Of Kicks

Refreshing new coolers may hit the refrigerator aisle this summer but they’ll never dethrone 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp and eccentric Slurpees from our summer sip rotation! And now, the international convenience store chain has partnered with Nike to bring you striking 7-Eleven sneakers. Word about the co-branded Dunk Lows began spreading in the sneaker community in late April. Naturally, the novelty of a 7-Eleven-themed pair of sneakers had sneaker collectors and fans buzzing.

If you spent a good part of your teenage years at a skatepark, you’d know what the Dunk SBs are. This pair is partly responsible for the “sneaker revolution” that brought underground skater footwear into the mainstream. Since its introduction to the street footwear scene, the Dunk SBs have become everyone’s ideal pair. Wear these and your street cred will go up. We’ve seen a lot of cool Dunk SB collaborations before, but this fresh new co-branding with 7-Eleven is definitely something else.


Nike will be releasing 7-Eleven-themed SB Dunk Lows

“ I am going to tell the store manager of the store in my neighborhood that I got his @7eleven to trade for some store discount.”

Notorious sample and early pair collector @solebyjc gave the shoe collectors community its first look at the new SB Dunk Lows on April 28th. His initial photo showed the shoe was highly saturated and didn’t look like a real shoe. This led some to wonder if it was real. So the sample collector put up another post with the actual shoe in his possession. Numerous media outlets immediately picked up the story after that.


The sneakers use the convenience store’s colors

These new Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers are dressed in the store’s colors. The leather sneaker starts off with orange at the heel, green in the middle, then finally red is used for the toebox. Its padded tongue and shoelaces come in stark white. However it’s worth noting that the shoelaces’ aglets have the tricolor stripe just like the shoe itself. The iconic Swoosh streaks across the sneaker in classic, clean white, to match its white midsole and gum outsole.

The sneakers also have an embroidered 7-Eleven logo on the heel. Aside from the pair of shoes, collectors can also expect a three-pack of extra laces that match the sneaker’s colorway, with the colored tips, of course.

No official announcement from the brand has been released yet, but sources are saying that these sneakers will exclusively be available in Japan only. This rumor’s got international collectors feeling a bit salty, but then again we can always hope that there is a wider scale release. So stay tuned, sneakerheads. We’ll be keeping a close watch on this release!