So, Stiletto Clogs Are A Thing Now

Crocs has got to be the most widely-mocked brand of footwear to ever exist. But despite all the negative criticisms, the American shoe company is clapping back to its haters by dropping new releases that many people surely love to hate. And haters better brace themselves because a collaboration between Crocs and Balenciaga is paving the way for stiletto clogs. Of course, avid fans of Crocs have all the reasons to get excited for this collaboration. As for the haters, well, you’ve got yourselves a new object of ridicule.

Now, you may be wondering why a luxury fashion brand would team up with a company that is hated by many. The truth is, this isn’t actually the first time that the two brands have worked together. A few years ago, the unexpected collaboration have debuted stiletto clogs. But we didn’t hear much about it because the shoes quickly sold out before they even hit the mainstream market. And it seems like they’re bringing the shoes back now.


Stiletto Clogs Are Now A Thing


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The stiletto clogs feature a harmonious balance between comfort and style. You might hate to admit it but foam clogs are undeniably comfortable to wear despite the hideous appearance. And we think we can all agree that stylish high heels are uncomfortable (oftentimes painful) to wear. But it’s a must for the ladies as high heels give them more height and boost their confidence in the most elegant fashion. The collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs aims to erase the barrier between comfort and style. So, ladies can have the best of both worlds.


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The stiletto clogs feature the classic foam clog with an elevated heel to provide you a bit of height boost. So, you can walk in confidence without the discomfort, pain, and sore feet that you usually get from high heels. These new shoes were launched at Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection and are available in colors green, grey, and black. Tell us what you think about these latest high heeled shoes on the comment section below.