giethoorn village

A Beautiful Village Without Roads

  The people of Giethoorn, Netherlands live a very simple life. There are no roads, which means no noise, pollution or traffic! Sounds bliss doesn't it? Imagine the idyllic world you would live in if you traded in your car for a boat. To get ar...
hidden beach mexico

Hidden Beach In Marieta Islands

How about this for beauty? Located near the coast of Mexico in the Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta lies this amazing hidden beach. It has remained untouched for many years, mainly because the only access to it is by helicopter or swimming through ...

Glass Igloos Under The Northern Lights

  If visiting Finland to see the Northern Lights is on your lifetime to-do list, then we've found the perfect location where you can stay in ultra comfort and unique style. Deep in the wilderness in Finland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park you wil...