abandoned fishing village houtouwan china

Nature Takes Back Abandoned Fishing Village In China

All the things that we’re using on this lifetime, we just borrowed them all from Mother Nature. Ultimately, time will come when nature reclaims the things that we have now. Our homes and even the land that we’re standing on, they all belong to nature...
star wars land disney

Disney World’s $1 Billion Star Wars Land Is Nearly Complete

Are you ready to explore other worlds on the edge of the galaxy? Star Wars Land is the newest addition to the Disney World and the theme park looks so astounding. Star Wars fanatics are so looking forward to December 2019. It’s not because of the hol...
giant potato hotel airbnb

People Can Pay To Stay In A Giant Potato Airbnb In Idaho

Do you want to live in a giant potato? Idaho is giving you the chance of a lifetime to stay in this Big Potato Hotel. You can book your stay via Airbnb and spend the night in this giant potato for $200. But let’s just make things clear. This giant po...