Nature Takes Back Abandoned Fishing Village In China

All the things that we’re using on this lifetime, we just borrowed them all from Mother Nature. Ultimately, time will come when nature reclaims the things that we have now. Our homes and even the land that we’re standing on, they all belong to nature. And if Mother Nature finds out that its belongings are no longer used, it would eventually get them back. Just take a look at Houtouwan village, located in one of the Shengsi islands 40 miles east of Shanghai, China. The abandoned fishing village was once a bustling place with over 3,000 residents comprising mostly of fishermen and their families.

But in the early 1990s, residents have to leave the village due to inaccessibility to education and food delivery. The great exodus of dwellers left the place empty for so many years. Until the abandoned fishing village gradually turned into a ghost village devoid of human presence. As time goes by, greenery slowly swallows the entire uninhabited village, turning decrepit houses into ivy-covered spectacles. Without a doubt, this is nature’s way of reclaiming its territory that was once lent to humans.


Today, the Houtouwan village is a popular tourist destination due to its haunting yet beautiful remnants. If you’re looking for a thrilling exploration, this abandoned fishing village can provide the perfect setting for you. With desolate houses covered dense vines and pathways shrouded with thick grasses, eerie has never been this enchanting.  Here are some photos that will show you how the ghost village seems to have been pulled straight out of a horror movie.