Western ‘Begpackers’ In Asia Are Asking Locals To Fund Their Travels For Them And People Are Getting Sick Of It

For most of us, traveling around the world is an ultimate dream. It would be nice to visit different places and meet different types of people of different languages. But realistically speaking, it would cost us a fortune to achieve this goal. Needless to say, some of us do not have the financial means to travel to our dream places. But there are some tourists who would dare to travel even with a shoestring budget. And when they run out of money, they would beg and ask the locals to fund their travels. In the recent years, Asian countries have been drawing in lots of Western tourists every year. And ultimately, the number of Western ‘begpackers’ also keeps on increasing every year.

“Saw This Foreigner Begging To Travel To Thailand Next To An Elderly Woman Who Is Collecting Junk In Order To Resale To Survive”

western begpackers next to junk collector thailand

Since most Asian people are compassionate and hospitable, these Western begpackers are taking advantage of the locals’ kindness. We don’t intend to generalize these begpackers. Some of them might have genuinely been a victim of unfortunate events. But others are undeniably doing it to scam the hardworking locals. Moreover, this modus operandi can negatively affect genuine travelers everywhere. Authorities in Asian countries are now considering imposing strict requirements such as travelers cheques, return ticket, credit card, proof of hotel reservations, and other requisites for entry. Most tourists may find these conditions as a big hassle. But these regulations are the only way to solve the issue on begpackers.

Begpacker in Hong Kong

western begpackers girl beggar hong kong
Hong Kong Free Press

Genuine travelers are actually infuriated with this new tourism phenomenon. And they are appealing to the locals NOT to give these white beggars any money as it will only encourage others to do the same. Take a look at these mildly infuriating photos of Western tourists working as beggars in Asian countries.

“In A Very Working Class Neighborhood That Has Been Especially Hard Hit By The Typhoon, How You Have The Nerve To Beg For Money To Fund Your Travels Around Asia Is Completely Beyond Me”

western begpackers wearing new shoes clothes hong kong


western begpackers white girl begging for money

“I Happen To Pass By This Area In Bukit Bintang And I Saw This Irresponsible Act By Russian Begpackers That Can Literally Cause Injury To That Poor Baby”

western begpackers tossing baby malaysia

Begpacker in Seoul

western begpackers lost money south korea

“Beg Packers – Tourists Who Travel With The Intent To Beg For Money From The Locals To Fund Further Travel. Peep The Sign, Too”

western begpackers beggars are choosers

“Initially She Started To Beg With Her Child And Picture Of Her Because Her Husband Dumped Them. Few Days Later This Husband Pops Out And They Are Together Begging.”

western begpackers couple scammer

From Russia With Love

russian begpacker in hong kong

Meanwhile in Seoul

western begpackers seoul south korea

“She Is Still Active And Doing The Same Scam Since We Reported In May In Penang, Malaysia”

scammer begpacker spotted in malaysia

Begpackers With A Child

western begpackers with a child

“Westerners Are Traveling Around Asia On A Shoe String Budget And Begging For Money To Fund Their Trip”

couple begpackers sking for support

“Somehow Begpacking Is Becoming A Trend Among Ukrainians, Please Support Them, Share With Us When You See Them To Help These Brave Hard Working Travelers!”

begpacker in taipei taiwan

“Free” Hugs

girl begpacker free hugs

“They Literally Would Create Such A Gimmick Of Putting Blind Folds And Offer “Free Hugs” With A Donation Box Asking For Help To Fund Their Travels”

male begpackers free hugs donations

A Begpacker Offering Hugs for ¥100 in Japan

begpacker offering hugs for 100 yen japan

Begpacker in Seoul

begpacker with guitar south korea

“His Signs Reads: You Can Hug Me For Free And If You Want You Can Support My Trip And Leave Some Donation, Let’s Hug”

blindfolded begpacker free hugs donation

“Yesterday I Saw These Blindfolded Travelers Asking For Money In One Of The Most Transited Areas Of The Shopping District Of Kuala Lumpur”

western begpackers free hugs malaysia

Near H? Hoàn Ki?m, Hanoi, Vietnam

begpacker in hanoi vietnam

Spotted In Hoi An, Vietnam

western begpackers in hoi an vietnam

Begpackers In Asia

western begpackers in asia

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

begpacker in phi phi island thailand

More Begpackers in Thailand

western begpackers in thailand

Allegedly Robbed…

begpacker allegedly robbed

Seoul, South Korea

begpacker in seoul white privilege

Seoul, This Traveler Needs Your Money

begpacker in seoul

Begpacking in Hong Kong

russian begpacker hong kong