Adorable Cat Duo Go On An Adventure All Around Japan With Their Human

There’s this stereotype about cats having a stick-in-the-mud attitude. Well, our feline companions are not exactly the most adventurous creatures. But they sure know how to have some fun from time to time. And if you think kitties are not fond of traveling, think again. You probably haven’t met these two adorable adventurous cats, Daikichi and Fuku-Chan from Japan. Felines are creatures of routine and would prefer to stay within their territories (your home) than anywhere else. Needless to say, they hate to travel, it’s in their nature. But these cute kitties will prove that not all felines are the same. In fact, they love to travel all around Japan with their owner Daisuke Nagasawa.

adventurous cats daikichi and fuku-chan

Nagasawa documents his adventure around Japan together with his two travel buddies on Instagram. No matter how finicky they are, cats are also affectionate pets that would prefer to stay at their human’s side. This is why Nagasawa decided to take his two kitties with him on his trips. For 8 years, the two adventurous cats have visited famous Japanese landmarks such as Mt. Fuji, and various historical temples. They have been to all 47 prefectures, from the streets of bustling cities to the tranquil roads of rural provinces. Of course, they never missed the chance to see blooming cherry blossom trees this spring. And from the looks on their faces, we can say that they’re enjoying every minute of their trip.

daikichi and fuku-chan cats japan


two adventurous cats travel japan


traveling cats japan temples

Nagasawa and his two adventurous cats have been traveling around Japan for 8 years

nagasawa rescue cats travel companions


traveling cats japan adventures


adventurous cats japan temples

Daikichi and Fuku-Chan are actually rescue cats. Nagasawa found Daikichi on the brink of death due to extreme cold while it was contained in a wildlife park. He decided to adopt the poor cat and gave it a cozy home. Then he later found Fuku-Chan in a cardboard box that was left on the side of the road. Both Daikichi and Fuku-Chan did not only found a loving owner. Moreover, they also found a perfect travel companion in Nagasawa.

Take a look at these awe-inspiring photos of these two adventurous cats on their journey throughout beautiful sceneries of Japan. You can find more photos of their escapades on their Instagram page that is quickly gaining a lot of followers.

daikichi and fuku-chan traveling cats


adventurous cats visit mt fuji

Daikichi visiting Mt Fuji

daikichi cat mt fuji

Fuku-Chan enjoying the front seat

fuku-chan cat car trip


daikichi inside bag


daikichi and fuku-chan on leash


adventurous cats santa hat


fuku-chan cat yawn


daikichi cat sleeping


fuku-chan drinks water


daikichi japan castle


fuku-chan mouth wide open


daikichi on nagasawa shoulder


daikichi on leash


adventurous cats on basket


adventurous cats on backpack


adventurous cats peeking from backpack


fuku-chan cherry blossom trees


adventurous cats lake


adventurous cats train

Source: The Traveling Cats | Instagram