Rescue Cat Goes Viral For His Supermodel Pose

We’re used to seeing animals being dorks and even jerks that we often forget that they can be sophisticated and serious too. Case in point, a rescue cat in Japan has recently gone viral for his ultra-chic supermodel pose. Wearing a onesie outfit, Puusuke-kun is captured staring directly into the lens with his legs gracefully crossed, giving off some top model vibes.

Posted by a representative of the rescue association Lucky Star, the photo was accompanied by a caption that roughly translates to “Is it necessary to be this cool?” Well, the answer is clearly a “Yes” for the fashionable feline, and he successfully delivered.


People are gushing over this rescue cat posing fiercely for the camera

The tweet has amassed over 39.2K likes to date, with people expressing their admiration towards the feline’s innate supermodel quality. It’s certainly amazing how he effortlessly pulled off such a sultry look. Well, it only goes to that some animals can indeed be more photogenic than humans. But we definitely won’t take it against them! Here are a few more photos of the charming cat posing fiercely for the camera!

Just like most rescue animals, Puusuke-kun likely experienced hardships early on in his life. But judging by his stunning photos, he’s clearly having the time of his life at his new forever home. Feel free to follow Lucky Star’s representative on Twitter for exclusive peeks at the rescue animals’ second chance at life.

Source: Lucky Star Website | Twitter