15 Times Pets Probably Thought Humans Were Weird

From weird sleeping habits to clingy tendencies, all pets possess some sort of quirks that their owners are well aware of. And we’re all probably guilty of sharing them with our family and friends and even exposing them on the internet. Indeed, our fur babies and their antics have become a popular conversation piece during mealtimes, gatherings, and other activities.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, we have to point out that it’s equally important to assess ourselves as fur parents as well. For starters, have you ever wondered how your dog or cat perceives you? Or what do they think about your own quirkiness? Now, imagine if they could talk and criticize everything that you do!


“It’s about time she confesses”


“Meet Mowgli. My life, my love, my muse for my fur artwork.”


“Grooming teefies”


“My cousin’s dog had a cone for a while… he sent me this”

So, for a change, we’re taking a break from featuring our furry friends’ sneaky shenanigans. Instead, we’re giving the spotlight to their rather weird owners. This time, we’re exposing some of the silliest things that humans have done to their canine companions, feline friends, and even rodent buddies. From dressing them up with hilarious costumes, pranking them, and turning them into memes, we bet you’re also guilty of some of these acts!


“My friend’s dog looks like Buck from Ice Age.”


“Two purritos! Fresh off the streets.”


Pugtrick Mahomes and Candy Reid


“This dog looks like he’s vegan”


These photos prove that humans can be just as amusingly bizarre as their pets!


“An extremely rare Doggopotamus in his natural habitat”


Wiener of Shame


“‘Mr. Police, don’t give us a ticket please (my dad is going to the toilet) and he will be back soon. Thank you!'”


“Hello I am table”


We couldn’t help but feel sorry for these pets with weird owners!


“If we had cat eyes and they had human eyes… Scary.”


Startled Hamster


“‘What is dis?! Food for ants??'”


“Tiny human steals cat’s bed at nap time.”


The Purrfect Sandwich


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“‘Actually I like this hat~'”


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