30 People Share The Hilarious Times They Caught Bears Acting More Like Humans

Gigantic animals are typically deemed as majestic, mighty, and sometimes terrifying. But if there’s one gigantic animal that also belongs to the ‘cute’ category, it’s the bear. So, we’re bringing you a list of funny bear photos to show you the irresistible cuteness of these large mammals.

The largest land-based mammals remaining on this planet, bears can grow as big as 8 feet long and weigh more than a thousand pounds. But despite their intimidating size, these furry giants are often depicted as adorable and cuddly characters in pop culture. Winnie the Pooh, Yogi, Baloo, Foozie, Po – these famous pop culture characters are so well-loved due to their endearing and friendly qualities. But in reality, bears are solitary creatures and are not sociable.


Funny Bear Photos


“Momma Bear Checking For The Traffic Before Letting Her Cubs Cross The Road”

Although they are not necessarily aggressive, the possibility of a bear attack can happen if they feel they are threatened by human presence. So, nope, you can’t casually approach a bear and hang out with them just like Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. In some cases, bears would come out of their natural habitat and wander into town for a reason. They are likely to roam into neighborhoods to forage for food. Another reason is loss of habitat due to deforestation and other threats such as poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

“Check Out This Guy Just Chilling By A Lake With A Rainbow Contemplating Life”


“Bear Was Relaxing On Thrown Away Chair In A Very Human Position. He Had One Leg Casually Crossed Over The Other And Was Resting One Arm On The Armrest”


Bear Grills

In addition to these reasons, bears will also move into human territory when they need a change of pace. Besides, they are just like us – they also get bored of their mundane environment. So when boredom strikes, they also tend to venture into a new domain for a change. Some people were lucky enough to spot these fuzzy creatures trying to adapt to city living. And these funny photos reveal how cute they can be when they try to act like humans.

“Bear And Chipmunk Sharing Breakfast”


“Even Bears Need To Relax Sometimes”


“I’m Volunteering In A Bear Refuge In Croatia And I Thought Like Sharing This Photo Of A Chillaxing Lad With You Guys”

A mama bear checking for traffic so her cubs can cross the road safely, a lone bear sitting on the beach in sweet melancholy as if contemplating about life, and an exhausted bear lazing on a picnic table as if it’s done with life. We’ve compiled these funny photos of bears doing cute and ridiculous things to show that they have such a big personality for their size.

“Bears In Trees? Bears In Threes?”


“So We Got Married At The Zoo, And This Bear Had An Interesting First Look Reaction”


“Friend’s Mom Nearly Had A Heart Attack When She Looked Out The Back Window This Morning”


“Friends On The Other Side Of The Tank”


“Someone’s Had A Beary Rough Day”


“Bears Use Crosswalks Of Course”


“What They Got Going On Over There?”


“I Had This Strange Feeling I Was Being Watched”


“Oh, Herro Hooman, It’s Just Me, Bear”




“Paws To Paws”


“Sad Bear Popped A Hole In My Friend’s Pool”


“From A Friend Of A Friends Kitchen Window This Morning In NY”


“Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ?”


“This Bear Started Begging For My French Fries At The Zoo”


“Oh, Hello There”


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