This category is dedicated to anything and everything related to animals. From dogs being rescued and adopted to incredibly awesome animal steampunk sculptures.

Bulldog wall light sconce

This Bulldog Wall Sconce Grumpily Holds Your Lights In Its Mouth

When it comes to interior fixture, most people would go for the ones with the most stylish designs. Now, how about a light fixture that looks elegant and entertaining as well. This Bulldog Wall Sconce will surely give a touch of whimsical fashion to ...
Wiener Dog Ice Cube Mold

Wiener Dog Ice Cube Mold Lets You Create An Army Of Ice Dogs

Every dog lover has their own favorite breeds of dog. And if you think that dachshund dog is the cutest of all pets then we’re on the same page. Furthermore, we’ve found this wiener dog ice cube mold and tray for all dachshund dog lovers out there. T...
seal pillow

Everybody Needs A Blob Seal Pillow In Their Life

Japanese mail order company Felissimo unveils its newest and most adorable huggable pillow – the blob seal pillow. Chubby, cute, and cuddly, these dog-like sea creatures have the physical attributes that we’re looking for in a pet. Unfortunately, sea...
bee simulator

Bee Simulator Announces Co-Op So You Play With Friends

Why are video games so popular nowadays? The advent of gaming computers, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, and upgraded Nintendo consoles has now turned video game into a culture. But why is everyone so hooked on video games? One of the main reaso...
funny fish

23 Hilarious Fishes Being Shamed For Their Naughty Crimes

When we’re talking about pets, cats and dogs are always the first things that come to mind. But did you know that freshwater fish is the most popular pet in the world? In the United States alone, there are over 171 million freshwater fishes that are ...