Although Dogs Are Generally Bigger Than Cats, Cats Seem To Be The Ones In Charge

Dogs and cats are often considered to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum. While both are great animal companions, they indeed have a lot of differences that make them seem like the exact antipodes of each other. We often hear the popular saying ‘dogs have masters, cats have slaves’ when pet supremacy is in the conversation. And while dog lovers and cat lovers continue to fight over which is the most ideal pet, we’ve seen these two supposedly opposite animals becoming good friends and enjoying each other’s company. Does this mean that the antagonistic relationship between the two is nothing but a myth?

There’s no denying that these two most popular pets in the world are different from each other in terms of behavior and physical traits. Canines are naturally active and love to play most of the time. Felines, on the other hand, prefer to spend most of the time taking a nap. Dogs are social species that can make the most loving and loyal companions any man could ever have. Cats, on the other hand, are solitary species that prefer to do things on their own. Affectionate doggos will do anything to please their humans. Kitties, on the other hand, have their humans to please them and serve them with everything they need.


Cats Using Dogs For Their Convenience

cats using dogs as body pillows

Just like individuals with different personalities, dogs and cats can also form harmonious relationship and can become best buddies. While it’s true that their behaviors and temperaments are worlds apart, they often develop a tolerance of each other especially if they were raised in a single household and grew up together. Households with a cat and a dog often find the contrast of these two to be amusing. True enough, when the master and the servant live together under one roof, every single moment becomes a delightful show.

“My parent’s dog has made friends with a village cat, and the cat has apparently taken to just lazing atop her, like the tiny king (well, queen) of dog mountain.”

canine and feline master servant relationship


“Was worried about how the dog would react to the new kitten. I think its safe to say he’s happy about it.”

cats and dogs being friends


“Our cat forces our dogs to cuddle. It’s hard not to laugh and wake them up when they sleep like this”

canine and feline cuddling sleeping

Here are the times cats caught using dogs for their convenience. As obedient as they are, these permissive canines don’t seem to mind serving as lackeys for their feline masters. And we’ve got to admit, this ‘master-and-servant’ relationship is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

“Nothing to see here, just a dog having an existential crisis…”

cats using dogs as body pillows funny


“There’s no escaping the cuddle this time too”

cats using dogs cuddling


“You shall not pass”


“Kitten or crown?”


“Enjoying the view together”


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“Finn: ‘Don’t come one step closer’
Archie: ‘Got it boss.'”


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“And the cat loves the fluffy pillow”