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funny vet signs

30 Funny Cat Jokes That Vet Clinics Put Up On Their Signs

You probably think you’ve survived the worst of life’s hardships. But if you haven’t tried bringing a cat to a vet then you haven’t experienced the worst just yet. Just as we hate going to the doctor, cats dislike going to the vet tenfold. But if you...
albabara sparkly life jacket dog swimming vest

This Sparkly Life Jacket Turns Your Dog Into A ‘Merdog’

A sparkly life jacket for your dog. Well, why not? If we can spoil ourselves with various types of pool floats then why can’t we do the same to our precious pets? So, if you’re ready to turn your dogs into gleaming mermaids, you may need to get these...
corgi butt mouse pad

Rest Your Wrist On This Corgi Butt Mouse Pad While You Work

Who could resist the cuteness of a corgi? With their adorable short limbs and playful traits, not even the queen of England could resist these adorable dogs. Having a corgi for a pet would definitely make life happier. Of course, these marvelous corg...