28 So-Called ‘Dangerous’ Dogs Behind ‘Beware Of The Dog’ Signs

Dogs are more than just adorable furry companions. In fact, they can be aggressive house guards too. So, it’s not surprising to see a lot of homes with a “Beware of the Dog” sign on their front gates. After all, it’s often an effective way to deter burglars from breaking into people’s homes. Plus, it conveys a fair warning to any ill-intentioned person out there of the impending danger ahead.

However, there are times when dogs themselves seem to have not gotten the memo at all. Instead of projecting themselves as ferocious creatures, they end up doing otherwise. Indeed, nothing beats the purpose of this menacing message more than a friendly, welcoming dog posing next to it. And apparently, this kind of irony has invited more dog-loving strangers to people’s homes. Luckily, they’re all kind enough to share the cuteness with us!


“Beware of Dog! (Because she is soooo vicious!)”

Pug Peeking Over Door Window


“Not entirely sure what I need to beware of exactly?”

Dog Lying on Ground Behind Gate with Beware of the Dog Sign


“He was a feisty one! Undid my shoelaces a few times”

Puppy Behind Gate with Beware of the Dog Sign


“This gorgeous girl lives in my neighbor’s front yard with a huge ‘beware of dog’ sign. The only thing I have to beware of is spending hours petting her!”

Hand Petting Canine Behind Gate


“Now see, that’s the puppy. Who you gotta watch out for is his daddy.”

Adorable Dog Behind Gate with Beware of Attack Dog Sign


“No.. Open the gate..”

Pooch Peeking Over Gate with Please Shut the Gate Sign


“Of course I will be aware of the dog. I love dogs. I am aware of all dogs.”

White Puppy Carrying a Warning Sign in Its Mouth


“I think I’ll take my chances”

Cute Dog Behind Gate with Beware of Attack Dog Sign


It turns out that the use of dogs as a form of protection dates back to ancient civilizations


“Beware of the dog”

Pooch Peeking through Gate Grills


“Oh well, at least you tried.”

Beware of the Dog Sign with Scary Dog Drawing


“So if I see a sign in the future, expect the opposite?”

Pooch Warning Sign on a Tree


“aware of dog, pls pet dog”

Dog Peeking Over Fence with Beware of the Dog Sign


“You shall not pass… until I get a treat.”

Pooch Peeking Over Fence

Similarly, dogs often served as house guards back then. Meanwhile, there were some that served as livestock guardian dogs, protecting livestock against potential predators. From then on, people started developing specific breeds as guard dogs. German Shepherd was among the first breeds of guard dogs, with its origin dating back to 1899. And up to this day, they still hold this title as they take on police work and military duties.




“Mom put this sign on our gate, dad said it’s false advertising. Look at me, would I not put fear in the heart of anyone who tried to enter?”



“The ferocious Lucy!!”



“You have been warned.”



“Enter at own risk.”



“Putting her scariest of faces”





“Watch out everypawdy, I is very scary”






“Seriously. She’s super scary.”



“Dear Mailperson, I think there’s a mean dog somewhere in this yard because the sign says BEWARE but I haven’t seen them yet. So feel free to leave the pet treats Dad ordered with me.”



So, are dogs effective for home security?


“Very risky…”



False Advertising




“No squirrel is safe.”




Well, in a way, they’re an effective deterrent. Research suggests that 65% of convicted criminals find dogs, especially of large breeds and with loud barking skills, intimidating. However, the presence of CCTV cameras still proves to be the most effective deterrent. Even so, having a well-trained dog lurking behind your fences can certainly provide your home with an extra layer of security.