Adorable Dog Sprained His Tail From Wagging Too Much Due To Everyone Being Home With Him

Amidst the current crisis, house pets are undoubtedly having the best days of their lives. Just imagine their pure excitement and joy from having their favorite people at home with them around the clock. A dachshund named Rolo is just one of the world’s many fur babies enjoying some much-needed quality time with his humans. In fact, he even sprained his tail from wagging it excessively because he’s simply happy with the current turn of events.

Rolo’s fur mom Emma took to Twitter to share the adorable sausage dog’s touching story. Her tweet immediately went viral, with over 141K retweets and over 1M likes to date. Other pet owners and animal lovers on Twitter also sent their well-wishes to the doggo. Some even shared their similar experience with their pet dogs as well.



Meet Rolo, a seven-year-old dachshund who, unfortunately, injured his tail due to excessive wagging


The following day, Emma updated the online community of the seven-year-old pup’s condition. Luckily, it was only a minor sprain, so they simply placed him on pain relief. Meanwhile, Emma also shared some photos and clips taken back when Rolo was still in tiptop shape.





In addition, she created an Instagram page to document Rolo’s recovery journey and other paw-some adventures. As per a recent post, thankfully, Rolo has finally got his wag back. So, now we can go back to finding his tail tale 100% adorable, without feeling any guilt.

Aww, here’s to the world’s wonderful pups and their absolute love towards their humans! Let’s all continue doing our parts in this battle against the pandemic by staying at our respective homes.

Source: Emma Smith | rolo.thehotdog