Ruby The Dog Visits Doggy Daycare And Insists On Petting The Dogs While They Just Confusingly Accept It

Another canine sensation is stealing the hearts of internet people. Meet Ruby, a German short-haired pointer that loves petting other dogs. No other animal companion understands us better than dogs. Cat enthusiasts may have something to say about this and they can say what they want.  But we’ll go as far as to say that no other animals can form a strong bond with their humans the way dogs do.

We can see a lot of amazing stories about dogs on the internet. Some are funny stories about their silly shenanigans while others are about their heroic deeds. There are also some heartbreaking stories about their cruel history and their survival from previous abuse and desertion. Nonetheless, dog stories of all sorts never fail to amuse and inspire us. The hilarious story of Chico and how he reported himself ‘missing’ to the police station really made the entire world laugh. The inspiring story of Gracie, the two-legged unwanted puppy that finally found her loving home after being maltreated and abandoned by her previous owner, moved everyone into tears. Now get ready to go ‘Aww’ with Ruby, a compassionate dog who tries to make canine friends by petting them.


This dog has an odd yet cute habit of petting other dogs at the daycare


Ruby is a regular at the The Den Doggy Daycare in Burlington, Ontario, along with her brother Miles. It also happened that Alanah Lorraine has her dog Lexy enrolled in the same doggy daycare. Alanah immediately noticed Ruby’s strange behavior towards other dogs in the daycare. The adorable dog would approach every doggy and pat each of them as if she’s petting them. At first, Alanah thought Ruby simply wants attention by giving other dogs some pats. And she would do it every time she’s in.


Alanah was so amused by Ruby’s adorable behavior and decided to film a video of it which she later shared on her TikTok account. The post immediately went viral with more than 625K views and over 158K likes as of this writing. It even caught the attention of the popular Twitter page We Rate Dogs which later shared the video on their page.


ruby petting other dogs daycare


“She usually starts with her brother Miles and as the other dogs in daycare start to chill out, she will get to work on them as well. Miles doesn’t seem interested in giving pets, just receiving.”, Spencer from The Den Doggy Daycare said. “We think it started with trying to get Miles’ attention or to play with him and just evolved from there, most of her friends at daycare don’t mind and see it as her playing with them.”

Just like other dogs, Ruby knows the comforting feeling each time their owners pat them on the back. And she probably wants to make everyone feel better by doing the same thing – by petting them. As we can see from the photos, the other dogs don’t seem to be bothered by her sweet gesture. In fact, they seem to appreciate the kind act from their solicitous comrade.


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