Robert Irwin’s Self-Isolation Buddy Is A Giant Aldabra Tortoise Named Igloo

We could all probably agree that it’s important to have someone to turn to during these difficult times. For most, it could be another person, like a family member, a life partner, or a friend. For some, it could be a pet. And for a selected few, it could even be an entire herd of animals. Such is the case for Robert Irwin and his family as they spend their quarantine period at the Australia Zoo.

The son of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin took to Twitter to share a shell-fie with his “self-isolation buddy.” Well, unlike most of us, the 16-year-old’s quarantine companion happens to be an adorable tortoise named Igloo. Apparently, it didn’t come as a surprise to the online community, given the family’s reputation.


Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s son Robert recently gave us a sneak peek of the quarantine life at the Australia Zoo


His mother Terri even jokingly pointed out that the tortoise is the one on the left… for clarification


After all, it’s a known fact that the entire Irwin family is practically staying at the zoo. This includes Steve’s wife Terri, children Bindi and Robert, as well as Bindi’s husband Chandler. Aside from being Steve’s living legacy, the zoo has also served as the venue for Bindi and Chandler’s recent wedding.


Bindi’s husband Chandler seems to be loving the zoo life as well


Indeed, the family’s love towards animals is beyond compare that they don’t mind being self-isolated with them at all. So, how is it like having a bunch of adorable animals as your quarantine buddies? Well, apparently, it’s been an awesome experience for the Irwins. Luckily, they’re kind enough to share their adventures on their respective social media pages.


Having a tortoise as a quarantine buddy might not be so bad after all


People are amazed by how Robert resembles his father and left some hilarious remarks
















Source: Twitter