Man Shares Hilarious Photo Of “Missing” Cat That They Struggled To Find Until They Looked Out Of This Window

In light of current events, nearly all of us are confined indoors, much to the delight of our furry friends. Well, at least, that seems to be the case for dogs. Because it seems like cats, the masters of social distancing, are less enthused. But even though our felines prefer to act cool around us, they always manage to make us laugh anyway. This is true for Redditor Rick1771, who, on March 23rd, found his missing cat hanging onto a thin tree branch.

On that day, Rick1771 realized that he couldn’t find his cat Biter. And just like any bewildered owner, he probably spent a great deal of time looking for Biter around his home. But it wasn’t until he looked out of his window that he finally found his cat. For some strange reason, his cat Biter was holding on for dear life on a thin branch. In fact, Biter looked like she was doing pull ups! The amused owner quickly snapped a photo and posted it on Reddit, writing,


“Today we couldn’t find our cat so we looked out of the window and…”

missing cat hangs from tree branch


This Reddit user found their missing cat clinging for dear life on the thin end of a tree branch

Rick1771’s cat became a Reddit superstar in just a matter of days. As of writing, the funny photo’s already amassed over 116K upvotes. A lot of users expressed their concern towards Biter, and he was more than happy to reassure them that the mischievous cat was okay. “She fell (very elegantly) right after this, but don’t worry – she’s completely fine!” he replied to one query. Biter’s owner also added that she loves to climb, although she usually doesn’t end up the way she did.


“Everyone meet Biter. The cat who was seen doing pull ups on the tree yesterday.”

rick1771 with biter the missing cat


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