26 Adorable Cow Photos That Prove They’re Just Big Softies

A dog is man’s best friend and this isn’t just a saying, it’s the truth. But if there’s another animal that comes close to the appearance, behavior and personality of a dog, it’s the mini cow. Remember the tiny adorable cows that we previously featured? These miniature cattle breeds can only grow to about 30 inches, making them only as big as large-sized dogs. But appearance isn’t the only thing that makes these tiny cows similar to dogs.

Just like dogs, these adorable cows also love to cuddle and play with their humans. They are friendly and gentle, making them ideal companions for children too. Although these miniature cattle breeds are typically farm animals, they can also make great household pets. This is because these cute cows are specifically bred and trained to socialize with humans. And that explains their affectionate and friendly characteristics.


Adorable Cows Make Affectionate Pets

adorable cows sleeping

However, a cow doesn’t have to be small to make a good pet. In fact, some people would even pet regular-sized cows. But unlike mini cows, average cows could only stay in farm pens. And we don’t recommend letting them stay inside your homes. You can, at least, play with them on the pasture grass and take them for walks around the farm. These adorable cows will surely appreciate getting some snuggles and kisses from you.

Not to mention, these adorable cows really get along well with other household pets. Their gentle and amiable nature allows them to make friends with other animals easily. So if you already own dogs or cats, a lovely cow would make a perfect addition to your family. Take a look at these cute photos of pet cows that will make you wish to have one for yourself.


A Cuddly Scottish Cow



Dogs Love Adorable Cows Too

adorable cows love dogs


This Sweet Baby Cow



“My Cow Thinks He’s A Dog… We Left The Door Open For 5 Minutes”

mini cattle sitting on couch



cattle pet snuggle

“So I Was Out Walking My Mini Cow When Howie Mandel Stopped For A Picture”

howie mandel takes a pic with a cattle pet

“Cows Are Very Affectionate”

girl sleeping with cattle pet


Sitting Like A Dog



“Radar Is Now 11 Months Old But Still Loves His Dog Bed”

cattle loves dog bed
Karen White


“Little Cow Looks So Happy”

cute cattle pet with girl


“Who Doesn’t Like Back Scratches?”

happy cattle loves back scratches


Naps And Cuddles



“Cows Make Great Companions”

adorable cows affectionate

“We Found Oliver’s Favorite Spot To Be Scratched”

cute cattles kisses man
Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary



adorable cows smile


“I Can Sit Like A Dog, Can You?”



“Everybody Loves Belly Rubs”

cute cattle loves belly rubs
Beryl The Brahman

“A Boy And His Cow Napping At The Goshen Fair”

friendly cattle sleeping with boy


Sweet Giant

cute cattle sweet giant