People’s Hearts Are Melting Over These Videos Of Zoo Animals Meeting Other Animals For The First Time

At the moment, a number of establishments have already ceased operations in compliance with the government-mandated quarantine. And zoos, aquariums, as well as botanic gardens are no exception. But while their doors remain closed to the public, their social media channels remain active to spread some positivity online. Videos of zoo animals interacting with each other for the first time have recently surfaced on various social media platforms. Apparently, people just couldn’t get enough of these adorable encounters.

Not too long ago, we’ve seen how the cute penguins of Shedd Aquarium in Chicago roamed freely inside their premises. Prior to that, we’ve also witnessed the surprisingly sweet encounter between a seal puppy and a dachshund. Well, this time, we have a sea lion meeting a tegu for the first time. And, we have to say, it was a pretty intense staring game!

A snippet of the delightful meetup instantly went viral after an illustrator shared it on their Twitter account. Well, it turns out the two newfound buddies are from the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. And while the aquarium has temporarily closed its doors, the underwater adventure continues via their social media pages. Aside from sharing fun facts, the aquarium keepers are also constantly keeping the public updated of the animals’ daily routines.


People are gushing over the two creatures’ adorable encounter

Apparently, the Mystic Aquarium is not alone in its efforts to provide virtual tours for the time being. Other wildlife parks have also joined the trend in hopes of spreading some good vibes amidst the crisis. These include the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Maryland Zoo, San Diego Zoo, and Dallas Zoo, among others.


Videos of zoo animals meeting with each other for the first time have been gracing people’s online feeds






Meanwhile, one zookeeper has revealed that such encounters are a regular practice among wildlife parks


Zoo Animals Seeing Each Other AnimusPanthera Tweet Reply




The zookeeper also provided interesting insights on some of the animals’ peculiar traits





Through conducting virtual tours and sharing educational trivia about animals, the zoos hope to impart not just new knowledge but some positivity to their followers as well

In an interview, Gregg Hudson, president and chief executive of the Dallas Zoo, said that such online efforts aim to serve as positive distractions for people.

“We know there’s probably a lot of families at home, and we hope to offer a respite from other news that’s bombarding people.”

In addition to the above-mentioned zoos and aquariums, the Kanzas City Zoo and the Tropical Reef Aquarium in Long Beach California are also offering live stream feeds of their adorable animals.