10-Year-Old Girl Survived 18 Hours In Blizzard After Stray Dog Keeps Her Warm

Blizzards and crazy weather are very common in Russia but a massive snowstorm in the Sakhalin region made headlines recently as strong winds and heavy snowfall disrupted communications and caused flight delays on the island. However, there was one incident during the severe snowstorm that also made headlines, not just in Russia but all over the world. A 10-year-old girl got lost in the snowstorm but miraculously survived -11C temperatures by hugging a stray dog. Both trapped in a harsh blizzard with up to 2 feet of snow drifts, the girl and the fluffy doggo cuddled together for warmth. And they survived 18 hours of ferocious cold night until the rescue team found them.

According to the authorities, the girl was walking home from school in Uglegorsk, Sakhalin when she got lost and essentially got trapped during the blizzard. The police and a team of volunteers started a frantic search when the girl’s parents reported her missing. The rescue team of 40 people searched far and wide overnight amidst strong winds, heavy snowfall, and poor visibility. After searching for 18 hours and not finding anything, the rescue team was fearing the worst as temperature plunged to -11C and came to realize that a little girl might not survive even an hour in an extreme blizzard.


Stray Dog Keeps Little Girl Warm Overnight When They Got Trapped In A Raging Blizzard

stray dog snow

However, a spark of hope ignited when someone told them that they’ve seen a girl playing with a dog near a shelter. Rushing to the specified location, there they found the missing girl, cuddling a stray dog as they sat on a mattress under a low balcony. Both the girl and the fluffy canine were alive after 18 hours of embracing each other and sharing warmth to survive the cold night.


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The girl was immediately taken to the hospital where she reunited with her parents. Thankfully, she only had mild frostbite which was treated right away. She was allowed to go home that same day. Her parents revealed later that the girl used to visit the shelter after school to feed the local dogs. Only this time, she was trapped in a severe snowstorm while doing so.  Luckily, both the girl and the stray dog took refuge in a balcony with a mattress which was put out for homeless dogs.

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The authorities tried to find the stray dog who kept the little girl warm all night. But the compassionate doggo has gone missing since then. They are planning to honor the heroic dog if they can find it.