Lady Lets Dog Out To Play In Snow, Ends Up Coming Back Looking Like A Snowman

Japan’s coldest region, Hokkaido, is a prime destination for winter sports. The country’s northernmost island is known for having harsh, long winters with plenty of snowfall. For the locals, winter in Hokkaido basically means staying indoors and trying to keep themselves warm. But this dog has her own way of enjoying the snowy weather. Meet Kuu-chan, a lovable miniature schnauzer who loves playing in the snow of Hokkaido that she ended up looking like the abominable snowman.

The pup’s owner shared some photos on Twitter showing little Kuu-chan covered with moss-like snowballs. Her owner explained that the cute dog jumped into a huge pile of snow and played for hours, jumping in excitement and frolicking around. When it was time to get back inside, they noticed that her belly down to her paws are covered with snowballs. The hilarious transformation of Kuu-chan from an adorable pup to a half-dog and half-snow-creature made everyone’s day on Twitter.


Cute Dog Hilariously Transformed Into The Abominable Snowman After Playing In The Snow

hokkaido dog turns snowman

Kuu-chan’s owner said that after the ‘not-so-abominable snowman’ brought her snowy mess inside their house, they immediately gave her a warm shower to clean her up. And it indeed helped transform her back to her usual cute self. But we’re guessing it won’t be long until she goes out to play in the snow again. And we’re excited to see her transform again into the cutest little yeti.

kuu-chan loves snow


hokkaido dog kuu-chan snowman


kuu-chan dog turns snowman

Source: Twitter