Bear Cubs Make The Most Adorable Sound While Eating Apples

What sound do bears make when they’re happy? A short video posted on Twitter, which has become viral, captured a rare moment showing bear cubs eating apples. While it’s common to see videos of bears munching sweet juicy fruits, the purpose of this particular video is to capture something else – the sound they make while enjoying a yummy treat.

The video was shared by US-based screenwriter and animal lover John Fusco. When he brought a huge pile of apples for the orphaned black bear cubs at Kilham Bear Center in New Hampshire, the adorable furballs feasted on the fruits and had the time of their lives. And when the young bears made an endearing sound while they’re eating their hearts out, Fusco didn’t miss the chance to record the moment.


Bear Cubs Eating Apples Make Adorable Pleasure Sound

bear cubs eating apple

On the video, you can see the bear cubs eating and digging through a pile of apples while making a motor-like pleasure sound. Fusco describes it as the ‘sound of contentment’. Similar to a cat’s purring, bears make this sound when they are especially happy and excited. And you can really say they greatly appreciate the treat. On the last part of the video, one of the cubs even approached Fusco and let him pet it.

Of course, you can never do this to bear cubs in the wild. Fusco always remind people that these rescued baby black bears are raised in captivity which explains why they are friendly to people.

After rehabilitation and after they’ve grown up enough to take care of themselves, these orphaned bears will be released back to their natural habitat. The interesting video footage of bear cubs eating apples and cooing with delight melted the hearts of people on Twitter. If you wish to make these cute furry tykes keep on purring with happiness, you can help the cause by donating to the Kilham Bear Center thru their website.

Source: Twitter | Website