Adorable Cat And Dog With Matching Colors Are Best Friends

There’s always something fascinating about unlikely cat and dog friends. So if you think the two most popular pets in the world can never live under one roof then you’re wrong. We’ve seen the heartwarming friendship of Paddington and Butler as well as Lilo and Rosie. Now we’ve got another unlikely duo here to prove that cats and dogs can become buddies and live harmoniously together.

Canines and felines are known to be natural enemies but their stereotypical, mutually hateful relationship is not because the two species have inborn animosity to each other. The biggest factor for their antagonistic relationship is their inherent differences. Canines are naturally social creatures living in groups while felines are primarily loners. Most canines play by chasing each other while felines would instinctively take it as a threat when they are chased. So, when a dog tries to play with a cat and chases it, the other deems it as an attack – which eventually leads to a chaotic brawl.


Matching Cat and Dog Friends Are Practically Twins

But this doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. Despite their natural differences, a cat can happily coexist with a dog if they were raised together as a kitten and a puppy. Growing up together, they learn to comfortably know each other and tolerate each other’s differences. Once they have formed their bond, they could grow to be real friends, playing and even napping together. That’s exactly the case for these matching cat and dog who are stealing hearts on the internet.

This adorable duo shares a lot in common despite being a cat and a dog. And let’s not even go with their looks. The black-and-white Border Collie and the tuxedo cat really look like twins. They’re don’t just share the same fur color but they also act incredibly alike. Their owner shared a short video on Twitter showing the numerous instances where the two pets acted almost identically.


Watch the inseparable cat and dog friends as they play, eat, and even nap together

Source: Twitter