You Can Now Get Candy Pop Popcorn Fused With M&M’s Minis For The Ultimate Sweet And Salty Blend

Some people like their popcorn salty, some like it cheesy and some like it buttery. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll want yours chocolatey because chocolate is the way to go. And if you haven’t tried mixing M&M’s and popcorn then you’re really missing out a lot. But it looks like you don’t need to do that anymore because Candy Pop is just saving you a step.

The new Candy Pop Popcorn with M&M’s Minis is drizzled with chocolate. And of course, it has real M&M’s candies in the mix. It combines two of America’s favorite snacks in one pack. This treat features an incredibly satisfying combo of crunchy popcorn with the sweetness of M&M’s candy. So, you’ll get that sweet and salty flavors to make your movie night more exciting.


Candy Pop Popcorn With M&M’s Minis

candy pop popcorn with m&m's minis

Snack Pop

The popcorn and M&M’s combo has become one of the favorite snacks these days. Because of this, M&M’s recently launched its popcorn-flavored candies which are truly worth trying. Now we can enjoy the taste of popcorn in a candy form. But if you want your traditional movie snack the way it is then this M&M’s Candy Pop is obviously the better choice.


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The M&M’s Candy Pop comes in a 5.25-oz pack which is currently sold in a combo pack. You can get them online in a 2-pack and 8-pack bundles. This variant is available while supplies last for a limited time only. And since most people are left with nothing to do but binge-watch, these snacks are likely to sell out anytime soon. So, don’t say we didn’t warn you.