This Giant Cheeseburger Cake Is A Must-Have For Your Next BBQ

Make any party extra-special with this spectacular giant cheeseburger cake. Your guests will think they’re in hamburger heaven when they see this cake that looks exactly like a giant hamburger. A fun centerpiece for your summer barbecues, this fun dessert is a sure-fire way to make the party epic.

The best thing about this giant cake is that you can get it at the grocery store. Instagram account @junkfoodinthetrunk3 spotted this whimsical dessert at Food Lion. Based on the photo shared on Instagram, it appears to be made out of cake and icing. The buns look like they’re made of golden cakes, with the top bun coming complete with white icing in the form of sesame seeds.


This Giant Cheeseburger Cake Is Available At Food Lion

Unlike regular cakes, this giant one has all the icing in between two golden cakes rather than on the top. The burger looks like it is made of chocolate icing, the cheese is made of yellow icing, the lettuce is made of green icing and the tomato is made of red icing. Overall, the cake weighs 3 pounds 3 oz retailing at $11.99.

cheeseburger ice cream cake
Food Lion


cheeseburger ice cream cake recipe
Food Lion

If you prefer to bake the cake yourself, Food Lion has a recipe to help you make your very own ice cream burger cake. This dessert looks exactly like the icing cake. But instead of icing in between the golden cakes, this one has ice cream for the burger. Whether you go for the ready-to-serve burger cake or the bake-it-yourself ice cream version, this novelty dessert will keep everyone guessing. Is it a cake or is it a giant hamburger? Let them taste it to find out.