Throw Out Your Old Key And Upgrade To An Epic Sword-Shaped Key

How do you unlock your door? Do you unlock it the usual, boring way? Or would you rather do it like a fierce swordsman by using this sword-shaped key? This unique key blank comes in the shape of a mythical sword. It offers a fun way to customize your keychain as it allows you to express your cool geeky side. Furthermore, its eye-catching design helps you easily identify your house key or car key at a glance.

These keys are made from premium alloy metals. Each handcrafted key blank is enamel coated, making it resistant to scratching and fading. It features a tiny loop at the top of the handle so you can easily attach it to your keychain or key ring. The epic handle features a majestic crossguard for a touch of detail. Make sure to check the type of deadbolt you’re using. It is available in in two versions – Schlage SC1 and Kwikset KW1/11 so make sure you choose the appropriate design for your door lock brand.


Sword-Shaped Key

sword-shaped key schlage

Schlage and Kwikset are basically the most common key blanks used in the United States. The Schlage key has a smooth blank while the Kwikset key has an extra groove. Take note that this key blank must be cut by a professional to make a copy of your house key or car key. Unlocking a door has never felt this satisfying before. You can always draw your sword like King Arthur and defeat any locked door whenever you need to.

sword-shaped key premium alloy

If the sword key is not your cup of tea, there are also other shapes to choose from. There’s the anchor-shaped one if you want to live your ‘sailor’ dream. Or you can opt for the skeleton-key-shaped one if you want to feel how the early Colonial Americans unlock their doors in the olden times. There’s also one in the shape of a knife with brass knuckles handle.



anchor-shaped keyblank


Skeleton Key

skeleton keyblank



knife-shaped keyblank

One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This is a pretty solid key! It looks cool, is nicely detailed and the little sword crossguard makes turning the key very easy. Definitely a cool looking key.”


Sword Key

sword-shaped key

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