Cast Your Marshmallows Into The Fire With One Of These Campfire Fishing Rods

Roasting marshmallows over a campfire is a great part of summer. Now we can make the experience even more exciting by using this campfire fishing rod to roast the marshmallows. Ordinary roasting sticks just aren’t fun anymore. So, if you intend to convince your kids to get their eyes off their gadgets and make their own s’mores themselves then you need something more interesting than your boring roasting sticks.

Now, this is where this rod comes in handy. As the name suggests, this item comes in the form of a fishing rod. But this one isn’t intended for fishing. Instead, it is designed to bring a little fun to the campfire cooking process by adding a unique ‘fishing’ twist. It features a wooden handle and a stainless pole just like an actual fishing rod. But instead of a hook, it has a set of prongs hanging from the tip top where you can slide up to 4 marshmallows. Just hold it over the fire and wait until the marshmallows turn golden brown.


Campfire Fishing Rod

Now, here’s the good part. When you’re ready to flip the marshmallows for even cooking, simply ‘jig’ the pole like a master fisher. Doing so will flip the attachment holding the marshmallows, allowing you to roast both sides of the gooey treats evenly. It would take a little bit of practice to make the flip at a flick of the wrist. But the challenge only makes the cooking activity even more stimulating. Your competitive kids won’t say ‘no’ to this challenge.

marshmallow roaster fish pole green


marshmallow roaster fish pole


campfire fishing rod blue


campfire fishing rod red

Not just for marshmallows, you can also slide hotdogs, bread or whatever food you want to cook over the fire. The pole measures approximately 3 feet long which is curved and hinged down. So you can sit at a comfortable distance instead of grouching around the campfire. The pole comes in 4 different colors to suit your taste. It is available in blue, green, orange and red. Make the perfect s’mores and roast your hotdogs to perfection in the most fun way possible with this campfire rod. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This has been a hit for years so I bought another one for my son. It is actually more functional than any of the other styles that are way boring! I take it to camping and even strangers are entertained. It takes a little practice to get the fish to flip the hot dogs over but it is so worth it and fun once you get the knack of it.”

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