Introducing The ‘LimoBike’ A Mix Between A Harley Motorcycle And A Limousine

Can two exact opposite things go well together? This LimoBike combines the badass coolness of a Harley Davidson bike and the elegance of a limousine. And we can say, this unusual hybrid between a cruiser motorcycle and a luxury vehicle is indeed eye-catching. It features half of the iconic motorbike in the front while it hauls a modish carriage at the back. So basically, the LimoBike is half-motorbike and half-limousine.

Harley lovers are certainly going nuts for this. Unfortunately for them, the LimoBike isn’t up for sale. This custom-made vehicle was a specialty rental owned by Wildfire Tours in Australia. The Robina-based tour agency offered the Harley-Limousine rental in 2017 for any special events or occasions. Driven by one of the agency’s experienced and accredited drivers, the limo-carriage at the back can accommodate up to eight people.

Furthermore, the limo contains everything for a luxurious cruising. It includes air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a bar to kick up any party. Additionally, it features tinted electric windows and vertical door opening system. If you want to feel the fresh breeze while cruising around, you can stand up in the perch at the back to bring the party into the air.




The Harley-Limousine is constructed using a 2012 Harley Davidson motorbike that is cut up to attach the eight-person limo at the back. Overall, the hybrid vehicle measures about 20 feet long and it weighs around 1.75 tons. Perfect for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, small group conferences, or even casual cruises, this pearl-white vehicle will surely bring you to your destination in style.

It is powered by a 5.7 liter, 350 HP V8 Chevy engine. The astonishing Harley-Limousine is indeed our ultimate vehicle that features a perfect balance of easy-going and sophisticated cruising. But it’s sad to say that the Harley-Limousine is no longer offered by Wildfire Tours. You can check out the company’s website to see its available list of Gold Coast Tours offering Harley Davidson Bikes and Classic Cars rentals.



Watch the video below to learn more about the LimoBike