Make Your Dog The Star Of Any Fancy Dress Party By Turning Them Into Marilyn Monroe

Anyone can be Marilyn Monroe, all you need is a blonde wig and her iconic white ivory cocktail dress. Yes, even your dogs can transform into the famous blonde bombshell by letting them wear this Marilyn Monroe dog costume. Well, considering that Halloween is just 10 months away. It’s best to have everything planned out early in order to slay the Halloween costume party.

This costume includes everything you need to turn your pup into a Hollywood stunner. It includes a mini version of Monroe’s famous white dress which she wore in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch. Amusingly, the tiny costume also feature a cleavage to complete the bombshell’s look. In addition to the dress, the costume also includes a platinum blonde wig featuring the renowned curly locks of the legendary actress.


Marilyn Monroe Dog Costume

marilyn monroe dog costume

The dress with cleavage and the blonde wig are all you need to make your pooch turn heads. You just need to improvise in putting Monroe’s signature mole on your dog’s lower left cheek to complete the look. Indeed the cutest costume around, take note that this item is intended to be used on dogs. Needless to say, it should in NO way be used on babies.

dog costume marilyn


bulldog costume


dog costume Marilyn Monroe


Get the costume here and give your precious dog all the attention and laughs it deserves. It is available in large, medium, small and xs sizes. Unfortunately, only the xs size is available as of the moment. One happy buyer wrote:

“Very funny costume for my 35 pound English Bulldog. I bought a size large, I do wish it would come in larger sizes for the big boned girls. The wig has ear holes for the dog that does a good job to help keep the wig in place. A great costume for the bully breeds.”

dog dressed up blonde bombshell


dog Marilyn Monroe costume


marilyn monroe dog costume funny

Get the Marilyn Monroe costume here.

Now, on to the next question. Can we put our cats in one of these costumes? Of course, you can! If, and only if, your finicky kitty can tolerate being dressed up like a Hollywood superstar. But good luck with that. If you prefer of a modern take on these pet costumes, there are other options to choose from. There’s a pet costume inspired by several celebrities such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mr. T, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.