You Can Now Get A Swag Pair Of Camping Crocs That Come With A Bunch Of Survival Tools

Hikers will always tell you that you need to invest in good footwear for hiking. Wearing comfortable footwear is the key to having a good time (no matter the time, place or occasion), after all! And for years, the debate has always been focused between hiking shoes and hiking boots. However, it appears that there’s a new contender in the great hiking footwear debate – the new Campsite Classic Clog, or in simpler terms, the camping Crocs.

The Crocs are the result of the brand’s collaboration with experimental artist Nicole McLaughlin. They wanted her creative skills to help ‘reshape all the pre-conceived associations’ with their shoe brand. (We’ve all seen at least one Crocs-related meme in our lives!) And while these Crocs may not be any sleeker (they are actually a bit bulkier thanks to the added accessories), we’ve got a feeling that they just might become every practical hiker’s go-to pair!

camping crocs when worn


Lighten your baggage when hiking with the new camping Crocs

Now our last statement may have you wondering, ‘How can Crocs possibly become a hiker’s go-to pair?’. The Campsite Classic Clog is a clog unlike no other. For starters, it comes equipped with a detachable, ankle-length, waterproof sleeve. This attachment acts like a gaiter shroud to keep your ankles protected during your hike. And the best part? The sleeves even have pockets!


“Crocs may not spring to mind when you think of utilitarian outdoorwear, but the esoteric footwear label teams with experimental artist Nicole McLaughlin to reshape all the pre-conceived associations.”

campsite classic camping crocs sideview


“At the core, it’s a regular clog, with a foam construction, ventilation holes, and a hell strap, should you want to go full sport mode. But, in McLaughlin’s usual style, it’s reimagined with a host of out-there additions.”

pair of campsite classic crocs


These unusual Crocs are fitted with various essential hiking accessories

Fans of the clog-type shoes have been decorating their pairs with Jibbitz for some time now. The Jibbitz often come in fun shapes, letters and characters that you can pop into the holes of your Crocs. It has made personalizing Crocs a lot more fun! The Campsite Classic Crocs also feature Jibbitz. But instead of serving only a decorative purpose, these Jibbitz can actually be used in various situations that occur when hiking or camping.


“There’s a gaiter-like shroud that extends up to the ankle – with a pocket, of course, and various Jibbitz adornments that would often be deemed essential on a weekend camping trip, including a compass and a light.”

close up shot of the jibbitz accessories on the camping crocs

The camping edition of the Crocs come tricked out with Jibbitz that hold a length of rope, a compass, light and even a detachable pouch that you can attach onto your belt loop or bag to hold your tiny valuables. After all, you never know what nature really has in store, so it’s always good to be prepared! But when you’re just chilling at your campsite, you can easily remove the Jibbitz and shroud to use the Crocs like a regular pair.


It may look gaudy, but it’s definitely handy

inside look of the campsite classic crocs

These are versatile and functional so you probably won’t need to pack an extra pair of shoes or slippers. This should allow you to pack in more snacks or other camping essentials! Plus, you also won’t have to worry about getting your shoes wet, because you won’t need to wait a long time for your Crocs to dry! So if you’re already planning on going on outdoor trips next year, why not give the Campsite Classic Crocs a try? They just might change the way you hike forever! Get a pair from EndClothing.