Oreo Have A New Limited Edition Easter Egg Shaped Cookie For The Holidays

Nabisco has out-hopped the Easter Bunny by announcing that they’re bringing Oreo Easter egg cookies to supermarkets this year! The exciting new Oreo treat is reportedly pink, egg-shaped cookies. Yup, Nabisco’s traded their signature round cookies for the occasion, and our inner cookie monsters are beyond eager!

Instagram snack hunter @threesnackateers spotted the Easter Egg-inspired Oreos early this January. The limited edition Oreos come in a fun yellow package decorated with pastel-colored doodles. The packaging gives us a peak at what it’s got in store. It seems that Nabisco saw how much people liked the novel Oreo cookie shape, so they decided to do it one more time!

Each pack of the Easter Egg Oreo cookies contain five different designs

Oreo’s been selling special Easter-themed treats for a while. In 2017, we got the Peeps Golden Cookie, which had a pink marshmallow creme covered in sugar. However, the colorful creme stained a lot of snackers’ tongues hot pink. Fortunately, no tongues were stained by 2018’s purple Peeps marshmallow creme-filled cookies.

This year’s Oreo cookies have the original creme filling we all know and love. This isn’t the first time Oreo’s added a bit of color to their cookies either, since we got the Red Velvet Oreos last year. But the fun part about these cookies is that you’ll be getting five different designs on your cookies! We’re definitely loving Oreo’s bold version of their classic cookie!




These cookies are the only ones to break from the brand’s signature cookie shape

Compared to last year’s offering which had the chocolate cookies and purple creme, this year’s Easter cookies have a more Spring-appropriate feel thanks to its pink tint.








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