The 3-in-1 “Voyager Chair” Is Everything You Need While Out Hiking – A Chair, Backpack And Cooler

We’ve seen a lot of multi-purpose pieces of furniture which are nothing short of amazing. And just when we thought we’ve seen the best, here comes the Voyager. If you were amazed by dual-function products then you’ll definitely love this outdoor chair even more. This lawn chair is a 3-in-1 innovation that offers, not just two, but three functionalities in one unit. You can use this as an outdoor recreational chair, a cooler and a backpack. It’s essentially all you need for your outdoor adventures.

As a lawn chair, it is designed to provide maximum comfort and ultimate durability. It features a perfect recline angle and an ergonomic design to achieve the optimum height of how high we should sit. So you will not sit too high or too low. It doesn’t only give you a more comfortable sitting angle but it only improves your sitting posture.


The Voyager is an outdoor recreational chair that you can also use as a cooler and a backpack

multi-purpose lawn chair

The foundation of the Voyager is aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and resilience. While. its main fabric is NuCore polyester fabric. Unlike fabric used in standard lawn chairs that easily tears, the woven polyester fabric in this 3-in-1 chair maintains color and strength even when regularly in the sunlight. Plus, NuCore polyester fabric is soft to the touch to enhance comfort. And to add an extra touch of style, the armrest is made of eco-friendly bamboo.

the voyager 3-in-1 outdoor chair


3-in-1 outdoor recreational chair cup holder


multi-purpose outdoor chair with cup holder


the voyager 3-in-1 lawn chair

As we explained earlier, this is an outdoor chair that also doubles as a cooler. Located below the seat is an insulated cooler that can hold ice and keep your beverages cool for up to 8 hours. The detachable cooler also includes exterior pockets to carry your items to and from basecamp. Of course, the chair comes with a cup holder to make outdoor relaxation complete. The cup holder is interchangeable so you can choose to attach it either on the left or right side of the chair.

multi-purpose lawn chair cooler


multi-purpose outdoor chair cooler


3-in-1 lawn chair interchangeable cup holder


3-in-1 lawn chair comfort

Amazingly, the chair also triples as a backpack. It features a strap system that you can wear in a variety of ways. With a single strap, you can wear it over the shoulder and as a cross body satchel. By using two straps, you can carry the entire chair as a backpack. Since it is made of lightweight yet strong materials, you can carry it anywhere with ease. Whether your destination is a beach, a mountain or just on the road, this 3-in-1 chair will make your journey a lot easier.

3-in-1 outdoor recreational chair strap system


the voyager 3-in-1 lawn chair as a backpack


multi-purpose outdoor chair backpack


the voyager worn as a backpack

The chair is still a product concept and you can make this project a reality by backing it on Kickstarter. Since the project has already exceeded its funding goal, it is expected to begin production by June 11th, 2020. The company behind this innovative chair is offering early bird promos so you can take advantage of this by choosing pledge options starting from $139 to $312. You can choose from 4 different styles – Glacier, Slate, Tropic, and Calico. The chairs have an estimated delivery date of March 2021.

the voyager 3-in-1 lawn chair styles


voyager outdoor recreational chair


lawn chair for outdoor adventures


the voyager 3-in-1 lawn chair outdoor


Learn more about the innovative 3-in-1 adventure chair on the video below

Source: Kickstarter