This Mountain Dew Dispenser Keeps Your Soda Fizzy

Let’s admit it, as much as we love drinking soda, it’s just impossible to finish a two-liter bottle in one sitting. Unless, of course, we’re sharing it with family or friends. And sadly, we all know that leftover sodas will inevitably go flat in just a couple of days. Luckily, the brilliant people over at Jokari have come up with a pretty nifty gadget to prevent this from happening. Introducing the Mountain Dew Dispenser and Fizz Keeper.

Jokari takes pride in “making life better” by offering innovative and affordable solutions to common household problems encountered by consumers. Obviously, preventing sodas from going flat is one of them, especially if you’re a heavy soda drinker. Well, you can finally bid this problem goodbye because Jokari’s soda dispenser will keep your drinks fresh and fizzy for weeks.

jokari soda dispenser


Keep your soda fresh and fizzy for weeks with this Mountain Dew Dispenser

This clever contraption fits all standard two-liter bottles. So, it easily replaces the original twist cap that comes with the bottle. It also features an easy push-button operation and a patented hourglass straw design that ensures the smooth flow of the soda. To use it, simply screw on the dispenser, shake the bottle gently and squeeze the trigger all the way down. It’s that easy!

jokari mountain dew dispenser

Aside from keeping your fizzy drinks from going stale, it also offers a more convenient way of pouring drinks. Instead of manually lifting the bottle, you can simply tilt it as you hold your glass towards the spout. So, it definitely comes in handy for households with kids around. It’s also great for parties, picnics and other outdoor activities.

jokari mountain dew dispenser and fizz keeper

Although this gadget is specifically designed for Mountain Dew bottles, you can certainly use it for other soda brands. In addition to the two-liter bottle dispensers, Jokari also offers a pump and fizz keeper for sodas in cans. Get yours now from Jokari’s website or their Amazon store.


Witness it in action via the video below

Source: Jokari