Rest Easy With The Back Seat Inflatable Mattress

Turn your car into a comfortable sleeping spot with this back seat inflatable mattress. For people with the wanderlust gene, there’s nothing more exciting than a long-haul road trip. If you love long-distance traveling by car, you probably had to sleep in the car at some point. And let’s be honest, sleeping in the back seat isn’t the most comfortable. Unless you can find a way to make the space more conducive to sleeping. Of course, air beds instantly come to mind. But most air beds available on the market are designed to fit rear cargo space on trucks and SUVs.

This back seat inflatable mattress is specifically designed to fit into the back seat of most car models. Unlike the traditional flat air bed, this one features a pair of bases that settles into the legroom space while the bed rests on top of the rear seats. The sturdy bases don’t only provide support to the bed but they also maximize sleeping space by transforming the legroom space into a comfy bedspace. By merging the space of the rear seats and the legroom space, it provides a roomy bed that allows two persons to stretch out and sleep in comfort.


Back Seat Inflatable Mattress

back seat inflatable mattress for car

This back seat inflatable mattress comes with an electric air pump and 3 pump nozzles included. When fully inflated, the air bed should measure 53.5 inches long and 32.2 inches wide with a height of 16.5 inches including the base. To ensure your kid’s safety, it features an anti-drop appendage that rests on the center console. This is to prevent the child from falling into the front cab during the ride. The air bed also comes with 2 air pillows for additional comfort and repair patch kits to fix leaks or punctures just in case.

back seat inflatable mattress with air pillows


versatile air bed for car


back seat inflatable mattress

When not in use, the back seat inflatable mattress can be easily deflated and folded down compactly. It comes with a handbag to let you store and transport the deflated bed and pillows along with the air pump in one place. If you’re not using it as a bed for your car, you can also use it as a portable seat by using the legs as backrests. You can place the air chair inside a camping tent or on the beach. You can even use it as a floating pool lounger.

versatile air bed


versatile air bed pvc oxford fabric


back seat inflatable mattress for cars

This versatile inflatable mattress is made of thick, high quality PVC and velvety oxford fabric which is waterproof and feels soft to the touch. The stripe design improves comfort to help you sleep soundly during long travels. It is available in colors black, gray, and beige. One satisfied buyer wrote:


“On a recent car trip (13 hours), I got this ahead of time so it would be easier to switch out drivers who wanted to sleep. It worked. A couple people did sleep though, and we managed to finish the trip in one day. The pump that came with it worked great to inflate it faster.”

versatile air bed for car suv


versatile air bed car


back seat inflatable mattress car

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