19 Things You’ve Been Doing Completely Wrong

Many of us are very set in our ways when it comes to how we do things. We tend to find out what works for us and go with it. However, you might be surprised to realize how many things you’ve been doing wrong! If you’re someone who is open minded and not opposed to change, here we have a list of things that could make your life easier. Personally, we love things that reduce hassle and increase convenience! Take a look, you might just learn something new! 


Many of us suffer from sleeping issues. Of course, some people have full blown insomnia so getting to sleep is a constant battle. But, for those of you who simply struggle to sleep on the odd occasion, there is something that you can do! 

things youve been doing wrong calculator

Instead of just laying there in the darkness getting frustrated, get up and do something that will tire your mind. Start working on your taxes or do something work related. Limit yourself to an hour or so. Once you get back into bed you should find it much easier to drift off. 

Charging Your Phone

There’s a lot of conflicting information floating around when it comes to charging your phone. Apparently, it’s best to let your battery drain as much as possible before plugging it in to recharge. 

things youve been doing wrong charging your phone

However, due to the kind of batteries used in modern times (lithium-ion), there is no harm in charging at 20%, 40% etc. So, go ahead and charge up whenever is convenient for you!

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are eaten by so many for breakfast and brunch. However, many people aren’t cooking them to their full potential which can result in a compromised taste.

things youve been doing wrong making scrambled eggs

The key is to use a low heat. Always make sure to mix your eggs in a bowl rather than the pan. Use butter over oil and let it melt on a low heat. Once you’ve added your egg mixture, turn up the heat for no more than 10 seconds, then turn it down and cook on low for 10 minutes stirring at all times. Once they become creamy, turn off the head and add a touch of milk or creme fraiche. Also, season your eggs once they are cooked rather then before otherwise the proteins will break down ruining the texture. 

Making Spaghetti

So many people opt for rinsing their spaghetti with cold water once it is cooked to halt them from cooking any further. This is actually a terrible thing to do! 

things youve been doing wrong making spaghetti

Starch is key to having a good bowl of pasta. It’s paramount in getting your sauce to stick. So, if you rinse your pasta before adding the sauce, you’re removing that starchy goodness that often improves a dish. Give it a try and see what you think!


Many of us like to indulge in the odd game of monopoly. Of course, things often get a little (or a lot) competitive but that’s all part of the fun! However, you’ll find that the game can drag out after a while. 

things youve been doing wrong monopoly

Well, there is a way to speed things up! Every time a player lands on a property and decides not to purchase it, the banker is supposed to start a bidding war between the other players for it. This results in play time being reduced and gives you the opportunity to purchase properties for less than their value, saving you money! 

Nail Clipping

Many people don’t seem to realize that trimming the corners of their nails is really bad. It can result in ingrown nails which can not only be painful but they can also get infected. Also, always remember not to cut your nails too short as this can again cause pain and also inflammation.

things youve been doing wrong nail cutting

It’s also worth noting that if you share nail clippers with a partner or family members, sterilize them before use. They could have all sorts of germs on them including fungi. Rubbing alcohol will do the job nicely! 


We all know that earwax isn’t the nicest thing to look at. However, we produce it for a reason and that reason is important. Earwax cleans, protects and lubricates, preventing infections. 

things youve been doing wrong q tips

Poking around in your ear canal can be harmful. Not to mention that you can actually end up pushing wax in further. However, the outer portion of your ear does not need wax so you can use q-tips to clean this area, and this area only. 

Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, so many people focus on shedding pounds as quickly as possible. But, the fact of the matter is, if you are losing more than 1-2 pounds a week, you are unlikely to sustain that weight loss statistically. 

things youve been doing wrong scales

The last thing you want to do is to send your body into starvation mode as when you resume a normal diet your body will store more calories in preparation for another starvation episode. So, remember that slow and steady is the way to go! 


Tying your shoelaces is a straightforward process, right? What could you possibly be doing wrong? Well, if you notice that your laces are coming undone on numerous occasions, that indicates you aren’t tying them correctly. The way that you cross your loops is more important than you think. 

Start with one loop. Then, pull the other lace into a second loop. Always make sure to cross your second loop underneath the first one before pulling the knot tight. This will ensure your bow stays horizontal resulting in more secure laces.

Where You Should Position Your Hands On The Steering Wheel

For a very long time we have been taught that the 10 o’clock – 2 o’clock positions are the correct place to put our hands on a steering wheel. But, studies have shown that with this hold you are at risk of breaking or severely damaging both of your arms should an airbag deploy for whatever reason.

things youve been doing wrong steering wheel

It is now recommended that you situate your hands at a 9 o’clock – 3 o’clock positioning instead.

Toilet Plunger

Many people tend to confuse toilet plungers with sink plungers. Toilet plungers are generally black with a bell like underneath that is specifically designed to create a strong seal with the shape of a toilet bowl. 

things youve been doing wrong toilet plunger

As you can imagine, the better the seal, the more effective the air being forced down will be, hopefully clearing whatever is clogged! So, if you’ve got a red headed plunger, chuck it out and get a black one, or sanitize it thoroughly and keep it for your kitchen sink! 


Many shampoos are responsible for drying out your scalp. This causes your body to release more oils, leading to an oily feeling scalp which isn’t good because then people feel inclined to shampoo their hair more regularly when they are actually causing the problem! 

things youve been doing wrong washing hair

You really don’t need to be washing your hair more than once or twice per week, unless a health professional has advised you otherwise. In fact, some people have opted for ditching shampoo altogether with wonderful results. A little research goes a long way so do some digging if you are curious!


Anyone with good manners knows that it is polite to cover their mouth when coughing. Whilst we don’t disagree with this, many people opt for using their hands. Now, if you can immediately wash your hands or use sanitizer, then crack on. 

things youve been doing wrong coughing

However, if you are caught off guard, cough into your elbow instead. Coughing into your hands means that any germs will cling on to them. Due to this, anything you touch from that moment on will have your germs transferred to it/them. Nothing really touches your elbow so it’s the better option we think!

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are something that some of us feel we couldn’t live without. The little invention can be extremely helpful for various different things. Most commonly, they are use to assist with hair styling. However, so many people are using them incorrectly! The smooth side is supposed to be the top, and the ridged side is supposed to face down. This is due to the fact that the ridged area has the best grip. Give it a try next time you use them and see if you notice a difference! 

things youve been doing wrong bobby pin