Airstream’s ‘eStream’ Concept Camper Is Built With Modern Tech While Maintaining Retro Aesthetics

Electrification technology is advancing by leaps and bounds as more automakers are now looking into the development of next generation electrified vehicles. Leading travel trailer and touring coach manufacturer Airstream Inc. continues to inspire people to take their adventures on the road and live off-the-grid with their innovative lineup of all-electric travel campers. The company’s latest concept – the eStream – is guaranteed to open new paths towards the future of electric vehicle technology and sustainable travel.

Designed in partnership with its parent company THOR Industries, the new Airstream eStream works with your tow vehicle to push against limitations that current RVs are yet to overcome. The new all-electric travel camper is equipped with automotive-grade high-voltage battery bank that powers the drive-assist motors, electric appliances, air conditioning, and connectivity solutions. Boasting a storage capacity of 80 kWhrs, the battery bank provides more than 30 times the power of lithium batteries found in most electric campers today.


Airstream Unveils The New eStream Concept


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The new Airstream model aims to give you more control and freedom so you can take your adventure even further ahead. With the high-voltage batteries providing ample power to the drive-assist motors in the axle, the eStream moves the rig forward to reduce the energy consumed by the tow vehicle while reducing hitch weight.

Precision remote control also allows you to maneuver the trailer independently and remotely. This feature lets you unhitch the trailer and use your mobile device to remotely move it into any tight spot with precision.


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There are multiple ways to charge up its high-voltage battery bank. The batteries can be charged using the same network of charging spots that most electric vehicles use. Similar to most electric vehicles, the battery bank takes 30 to 45 minutes to charge. A level-2 onboard charger is in the plans to provide a full-charge overnight on typical campsite 30-amp outlets. Additionally, the Airstream eStream is also equipped with ultra-efficient solar panels on the sleek rooftop.

The solar panels have a power capacity of 900 watts to provide constant power supply to the batteries while in motion. Although the eStream’s design cuts the need for shore power connection, it still utilizes the standard shore power hookup for more charging options.


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Featuring a round shape and polished aluminum coachwork, the eStream follows the design distinctive to Airstream travel campers. But what makes this new concept more remarkable than previous Airstream models is its all-new modern interior. It features a stylish white-and-blue color themes to complement its technological advances. Within the 22-foot floor plan, you can wallow in comfort of a home with a TV, an onboard wet bath, and all-electric appliances including a refrigerator, cooktop, and convection microwave.

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And since connectivity has now become a basic necessity, the company is considering the addition of a signal booster that enables 5G connectivity and a Wi-Fi hotspot. The eStream is still a concept and not yet available for purchase.

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