The Mini Pumpkin Waffle Maker Is Perfect For Fall-Time Breakfasts

Just when you think we’ve already featured all sorts of waffle makers, you’ll be surprised to know that there are still more that deserve attention. Sure, the Death Star and LEGO waffle makers are awesome and all. But we haven’t actually seen a waffle maker best suited for the fall season. Well, not until we found this mini pumpkin waffle maker on Amazon.

Making some squash-shaped waffles has never been easier with this mini waffle maker. Simply plug it in, pour in the batter, let it heat up in just 3 minutes and enjoy your fall-themed treats. The cooking pan features a pumpkin-shaped mold to create fall-inspired treats complete with the veggie’s rind, ribs and stem. Its dual non-stick surfaces ensure even cooking for consistent results. So, you should have delightfully fluffy treats with crispy edges each and every time.


Mini Pumpkin Waffle Maker

mini pumpkin waffle maker fall treats

Compact and lightweight, this mini waffle maker only weighs just a pound. The pan is 4 inches in diameter to make cutesy squash-shaped waffles. Not just for waffles, you can make any batter-based goodies with this convenient kitchen gadget. You can also use it to make pumpkin-shaped pancakes, paninis, hash browns, chaffles, cornbread, biscuit pizzas and more.

mini pumpkin waffle maker


mini pumpkin waffle maker fall-inspired treats

This pumpkin waffle maker makes a perfect gift idea with its sleek design and trendy color. Its handle lifts easily to keep your fingers safe when closing/opening the lid. It has an indicator light to let you know when it’s ready to cook. The non-stick surfaces are PFOA-free for mess-free cooking and it is easy-to-clean after use.

You can finish off your waffles with your favorite toppings such as butter, blueberry syrup, chocolate sauce or whipped cream. Of course, these pumpkin-shaped waffles make a perfect Halloween snack that your kids will surely enjoy.

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Source: Amazon