KFC And Crocs Have Collaborated To Bring Us Fried-Chicken Crocs

Are you ready for a crispy, deep fried fashion? An iconic collaboration between Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Crocs has happened. Together they will bring us a pair of fried-chicken Crocs. Is it a fried chicken or is it a clog shoe? Well, it is basically footwear with a fried-chicken pattern inspired by the famous fast food chain. And you know it’s the best time to be alive when an item combines two of our favorite things in the world.

The crocs are limited-edition footwear featuring the iconic foam clog shoe design of the brand. It features the classic Crocs style clog shoes with holes at the top and the side to allow airflow. Of course, they also include Crocs signature strap attached on both sides to hold the feet at the back. But the most remarkable feature of these KFC-inspired clog shoes is the sensational design based from our all-time favorite chicken bucket meal.


KFC Fried-Chicken Crocs

kfc inspired foam clog shoes

Both the top and the strap are covered in a fried chicken print. And the base features the recognizable red/white stripes inspired by the popular KFC bucket. The back of the shoe also features Colonel Sanders and the name of the restaurant. In addition to these, each pair of crocs comes with two Jibbitz charms in the shape of crispy fried chicken drumsticks. Not only do the Jibbitz charms look like fried chicken but they also smell like the real thing. But no matter how realistic these accessories look, remember that these charms are not for human consumption.

kfc bucket inspierd foam clog shoes


fried-chicken crocs kfc


Each pair includes two Jibbitz charms resembling KFC’s chicken drumsticks

chicken drumstick jibbitz charms


fried-chicken crocs with jibbitz

So, where can we get these crocs? Can we order them from the KFC menu? No, you just can’t barge into the restaurant and ask for a pair at the counter. You will find this trendy footwear on Crocs.com starting March 2020. Coming just in time for the spring season, these deliciously-fashionable shoes are a must-have on our bucket list this year.

“Combining the unmistakable look of our world-famous fried chicken and signature KFC bucket, with the unparalleled comfort and style of Crocs, these shoes are what fried-chicken footwear dreams are made of,” Andrea Zahumensky, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC U.S. said.

kfc fried-chicken crocs


kfc fried-chicken crocs with drumstick jibbitz


kfc bucket inspired shoes clog style

The product announcement posted on KFC’s official Instagram page featured fashion icon MLMA serving the fried-chicken Crocs in two different styles – the Classic Clogs and the sky-high Bucket Clogs. Unfortunately, the high platform version is a special edition exclusively worn by MLMA at New York Fashion Week in February 11. But don’t worry, we still got the classic clogs to look forward to spring 2020.

mlma wearing kfc bucket clogs



Source: Crocs.com