Soap Dispensers Made From Real Soda And Beer Cans

How much do you love your favorite soda? If you can’t survive a day without a dose of Pepsi, Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper then it’s pretty clear that your love has already turned into an obsession. And if that’s the case, you’ll be more than willing to replace your boring soap dispensers with our newest finds.

We found this Etsy shop that sells dispensers that are made from actual soda cans. You have a choice of three popular soft drink brands, Pepsi, Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper. Each item is made with an upcycled 12-oz soda can. With a dispenser topper added to the can, it will work like a regular liquid soap dispenser. Fill the can with any liquid soap of your choice, place the dispenser topper on top and pump to dispense the content.


Soda Can Soap Dispensers

soda can soap dispensers

Place these soda can dispensers on your bathroom sink and give your guests a surprise. Is it a soda or a hand soap? Just let them find out for themselves. Take note that these pump containers don’t come with included soap. So, you’ll have to fill and refill them with your favorite liquid soap.

However, the Etsy shop also sells their bestselling Beer Soap. As you can tell by the name, this liquid soap is made with real beer, glycerin and the finest oils to cleanse and moisturize your skin while giving you the fruity scent of beer. You can opt to add the Beer Soap to your purchase for an extra charge. And have your unsuspecting guests lose their minds when they smell the content of the soda cans. We’re pretty sure they won’t see that one coming.


Beer Soap

beer liquid soap

If you’re more of a beer person than a soda person, the same Etsy shop also sells beer can dispensers than you can opt for. Just like the soda cans, these versions are also made from actual beer cans. They are available in three designs: Heineken, Yuengling Light Lager and Yuengling Traditional Lager. Of course, the Beer Soap perfectly pairs with these.


Beer Can Dispensers

beer can soap dispensers

Get the sodas can here and the beers can here.

Source: Etsy