You Can Now Get A Ramen Noodle Bowl Pet Bed For Your Furry Companion

There’s a lot perks of being a pet owner and one of which is to have the privilege of admiring our pet’s cuteness, whether they’re awake or asleep. But don’t you know that you can still take their cuteness to a higher level? That is, if you let them sleep in this noodle bowl pet bed. The combination of instant ramen and your pet’s adorableness is enough to melt your hearts as you watch your cat or dog drift off into dreamland.

The noodle pet bed was made popular by Yuki-chan, an adorable Shiba Inu from Aomori, Japan. On her Twitter page, photos of the cute dog curled up in her funny-looking bed were shared and the post quickly went viral. Amusingly, the dog bed was in the form of a giant instant ramen cup. It even has a cup lid complete with a realistic label and a round mat featuring a pattern of a dried noodle block.


Noodle Bowl Pet Bed

instant ramen bowl dog bed

People who saw the photos wanted to get the same noodle bed for their pets. And we’re pretty sure you badly need it too. Well, we’ve got good news for you. We found the instant ramen pet bed on Amazon. So, you don’t need to search for hours on the internet. This instant ramen bowl bed consists of three separate parts: the bowl bed, a mat and a quilt lid.

cup noodle pet bed


instant ramen bowl dog bed green

The bowl bed is made of polyurethane foam which is very soft and breathable. Also, this material has a good warmth retention property and air permeability, making it suitable for any season. It has a detachable mat with a noodle pattern which you can use separately as a pet mat. The quilt lid has metal inside to retain its shape and to keep it in place. Some pets, particularly cats, prefer to sleep in a secluded place and would rather have their bowl beds covered with the lid. Whether you put the lid on depends on your pet’s preference.

cup noodle pet bed brown


cup noodle pet bed blue


There Are Three Sizes Of The Bed Available

This noodle pet bed is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small size has a diameter of 19.6 inches and a height of 7.8 inches which can fit cats and small dogs. While, the large size has a diameter of 29.5 inches and a height of 13 inches which can comfortably accommodate medium-sized dogs. You can wash all three parts with water and it is best to let it dry naturally. You can choose from four different colors: blue, brown, green and red. One happy buyer wrote:

“Love the look of the bed! The walls are high which my dog loves. I put a blanket inside for extra padding. With the lid half way open, I can only imagine it feels like a mini cave.”

cute cup noodle pet bed


instant ramen bowl dog bed cute design


instant ramen bowl dog bed red

Get yours here.

cup noodle pet bed green

Source: Amazon