14 Of The Most Incredible Uses For A 3D Printer


Invented over 30 years ago, the 3D printer has been considered by many to be a novelty item. However with many mind-blowing advances in technology over the past few years, 3-D printers have begun to have so many incredibly useful applications within the modern world. Take a look at the 14 examples below to see just how much a modern 3-D printer can do and prepare to be totally amazed!

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There was actually a 3-D printed pizza project funded by NASA! Mmm space pizza!


A 3-D printer can create many more 3-D printers!


How about a 3-D printed waterproof bikini?


Printing your own guitar would be awesome.

Affordable educational maps and resources can be made with 3-D printers.


Fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen printed these awesome shoes as a part of the Amsterdam Future of Fashion exhibition. 


This bronze printed flute looks like an antique!


Anatomically correct 3-D printed medical models are perfect for trainee doctors to study.


3-D printed clothes give a perfect custom fit with very little waste.


Everyone needs a 3-D printer bartending machine!


3-D printing is likely to make the cost of camera lenses far less expensive.


This awesome printed car or “Urbee” gets around 200 miles to the gallon and looks amazing too!


Yes you can cycle this titanium and fully customizable bike just like you would any other!


 The 3-D printed meat prototype. That sounds yummy, doesn’t it? 

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