This Bubble Massage Mat Turns Your Regular Bathtub Into A Jacuzzi

There’s nothing quite like taking a dip in the Jacuzzi to soothe both your mind and body after an exhausting day. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford an expensive Jacuzzi hot tub. Enter the bubble massage mat. Now we can get the same spa-like experience of a Jacuzzi by using our existing bathtubs. Simply lay it on your bathtub floor, fill the tub with water, turn the device on, sit back and relax. Luxuriate in a soothing bath spa in the comfort of your home.

The mat comes with a motorized air pump, an air hose and a remote control. The soft, padded mat has suction cups on the back so you can stick it to the tub floor firmly. Press each suction cup against the tub floor one at a time to make sure it securely stays in place. Connect the mat to the air pump using the 8.2-ft air hose then fill the tub with water. Plug the unit in and turn the air pump on. Watch as the submersible mat inflates and pours out tiny yet powerful bubbles that can relax your tired muscles.


Bubble Massage Mat With Motorized Air Pump

bubble massage mat jacuzzi at home

Make sure to keep the electric air pump away from the bathtub when using it. It’s best to let it sit beside the tub at a safe distance. You can make use of the remote control to turn the unit on and off. The remote control also allows you to adjust the bubble intensity and set the automatic shut-off timer that stops the operation after 20 minutes. So you have full, hassle-free control of the operation while you’re sitting back in the bubbly tub.

motorized air pump


motorized air pump back side


motorized air pump with remote control

Additionally, this mat has a built-in heater that maintains the water temperature by creating warm air from the unit. Take note that this feature doesn’t increase the temperature of the water but rather maintains its current temperature. So, we highly recommend adding hot water to the tub to get consistent warmth.

bubble massage mat parts


bubble massage mat bathtub

This mat is made of soothing, non-abrasive water-safe material with a cushioned surface for ultimate comfort. It measures 47 inches long and 14.2 inches wide to provide full body support. It also comes with an aroma clip so you can add your favorite essential oils into your bubble bath. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This is the best bubble mat we’ve ever bought! It’s not hard like most of the others. It has several spots where it bubbles, size wise it’s about the size of a standard tub. My boys absolutely love it and it helps them with getting in the tub also. If you’re looking into one of these, definitely go with this one, I promise it’s the best!”

bubble massage mat

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